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Words that turn me on and the Ampersand

Defenestration: the act of throwing someone or something out of a window

Melancholy: a deep, pensive, long-lasting sadness

Nefarious: wicked or criminal

Ninja: a member of the 4th-century Japanese mercenary agents who were trained in the martial arts and hired for covert operations like espionage, sabotage or assassinations

Omphaloskepsis: contemplation of or meditation upon one’s navel

Phantasmagoria: a sequence of real or imaginary images like that seen in a dream

Serendipity: fortuitous discoveries while looking for something unrelated

Sensual: pertaining to, inclined to, or preoccupied with the gratification of the senses or appetites; carnal; fleshly

Victory: act of defeating an enemy or opponent in a battle, game or competition

So, what words turn you on?

I painted three small canvases and glued them together and it now hangs on my wall. It was fun and simple. And yes, Ampersands are sexy and turn me on too.

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