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San Diego Comic Con 2011

This was my very first Con. It was a very entertaining, memorable and unique experience. While I am familiar with movies, tv series, comics, video games, I did realize that I certainly do not have the level of obsession that many of the people at the Con had. Twilight fans are a prime example as they waited days to get into their panel. The George R.R. Martin panel also had people waiting all day and even after all that wait, thousands didn’t get in. But I did get to see some panels, preview some upcoming movies and went to the panel for Batman: Year One, where they showed the full animated movie.

And it was a spectacular place for people watching. I found I really enjoyed walking around the Exhibit Hall where the vendors plied their wares and where the majority of the people in costume were strutting around. And yes, I did wear a costume. I made a trip to the other coast for a Comic Con convention, of course I would have a costume. I had people ask to take my picture, I was hit on a few times and one guy told me he loved me. In no way common, I found it was flattering and uncomfortable at the same time.

Would I go again? No…unless I lived there. If I lived there I could see myself get a 1 day pass (instead of 4 days) and get in costume, see a panel or two, walk the Exhibit Hall and spend the evening in downtown. But I am told Comic Con is quite different from Dragon Con…maybe I’ll visit Dragon Con, who knows.


Day 09: What is on my wishlist

I’m ranking them by probability to come true

Verizon finally has it available, so when it comes time to renew I will get one.

Weekend trip to St. Augustine
Just thought it would be a fun road trip and I’ve never visited before.

I love to read but I do not love to pack, move and unpack boxes of books (which I have done too many times to count). And I like gadgets.

Lion King on Broadway
I’ve seen several plays, Les Miserable and Phantom of the Opera being my favorites, but I’ve wanted to see this one for several years and haven’t gotten a chance yet.

3 day trip to New York to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art
While I would take a much longer trip to New York if I could, I would be very pleased to go just to visit the MET. And I could most certainly spend ALL 3 days there just visiting the museum.

Lollapalooza in Chicago
I love music

Cook a complete Thanksgiving Dinner
I only just recently discovered that I enjoy cooking quite a lot, when done with and for others. Maybe a future significant other can help me make a fabulous (or not burnt) Thanksgiving dinner one day.

Learn the Violin
I used to play the piano for several years when I was very young, but I have always loved the sound of the violin. I’m sure my neighbors would not be pleased if I tried learning to play now.

Trip to Korea
Although I don’t speak the language, of course I want to visit the country where I was born. Why I put this last though is because it is almost literally on the other side of the world and if I’m going to go visit, it is going to be more then just for a few days. So, not possible for me to pull off this trip anytime in the near future.


I will be going to California for the Comic-Con convention in July. The San Diego Comic-Con is the largest convention in America and all of the 2011 tickets sold out in one day. I have never been to one of these before and would probably never have thought to go, except I have a friend who convinced me that it would be fun. Originally I said no, but I want to travel and I haven’t been to California since I was a child, so why the hell not?

It is a good thing it isn’t right away though, because there is a lot that has to get done first and I only have the 4-day pass for the event. We will be staying a week, first spending time in LA before going to San Diego, and I still have to figure out flight, hotel, travel, activities, costs.

And a costume. At first I wasn’t planning on dressing up, but if I’m going I might as well do it right. So I searched a bit and found two costumes I really like.

One is Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy, which when I used to play video games was one of my favorites. The other is Jill Valentine from Resident Evil, wearing guns and fighting zombies appeals to me.

Day 7: What I am looking forward to

1. Selling my first art piece
2. Visiting friends scattered across Florida
3. Making love with a man
4. Meeting new people
5. Getting reconnected with old friends
6. A week in California in July
7. Dancing the night away
8. Visiting a new museum
9. Impromptu fun!

Yes, I Can. Yes, I Will. Yes.

The gravity of a painful past and an unknown future pushes on me, and I in turn push back.

Be it good or bad, fate or not, this is life and I shall take whatever life wants to throw at me. I will be grateful for the things I have and while this was not where I wanted to be, maybe this is an opportunity to do… ANYTHING.

So I am going to try to do the things I thought I couldn’t do, but want to. Which means trying to become an artist, travel and leave my heart open to love again.

Maybe, just maybe, this is where I’m suppose to be. So, following the lead of a persuasive friend, I am going to say YES! Yes to all life has to offer because Life is too short.

Thoughts on traveling and pictures from Colorado

How often are you able to travel past those invisible boundaries of your everyday life? A respite from the demands and responsibilities life places on your shoulders.

Why do you travel? To visit friends and family, to expose yourself to culture and the arts, to find adventure or maybe just to escape from the mundane.

What would others learn about you while traveling? Are you a talker, a sleeper, a reader. Do you listen to music, audio books or let the silence comfort you. Do you travel alone, with your partner, your friends, with hordes of people.

I travel every couple of years, when finances and time is on my side. I would love to travel much more often, but I accept and appreciate what I do get. I travel for so many reasons. Give me museums, concerts, plays, mountains, rafting. Indoor, outdoor, on land, in water (that’s what she said, I couldn’t resist). I like to travel with others, sometimes the more the merrier. I get motion sickness, so unfortunately not a reader and not a driver, which I have been spoiled enough on my trips to do at a minimum and I’m certainly a sleeper. Usually travel by car or plane, occupying the time with games, cards, music (sometimes in the car with the windows down and singing my heart out) and definitely accepting to end the pleasant silence with good conversations.

Traveling lets me reset. Traveling lets me stop the tedious day to day, to get away from work and even people. Gives me time to smell the trees, dance in the rain, curl up with a good book, eat ice cream for breakfast, make love all day. Gives me time to see things first hand: music, art, nature, culture, life.

Below are the pictures from my trip to a place with white water rafting, zoo on the side of the mountain, delicious donuts as reward on reaching the top of the mountain and a deceptive hike that lasted 2 hours.

P.S. Sorry it took so long to post pictures, but I was waiting on other pictures that were getting mailed to me, but they got sent to the wrong address and I still haven’t gotten them.

Thoughts of Travel

I was thinking of planning a trip to Greece, but the money thing stopped that from happening any time soon, so then I thought about Washington D.C. because it is the capital and I love museums. While I still plan to visit both, I thought maybe I should look into someplace I could drive to. I’m currently looking at Key West. I went there once with my mother over 10 years ago. I remember the really, really long drive. Mapquest says it will take 7 hours, then add time to eat and stretch one’s legs, so a day to get there. I remember Sloppy Joe’s, Hemingway’s favorite bar. I remember snorkeling, I absolutely love to snorkel. I remember the vendors on the street.¬†There is so much to do there:¬†Snorkeling, Kayaking, Fishing, Parasailing, Museums, Shopping, Bars, Dry Tortugas Park, beaches, swimming with the dolphins.

I was thinking: one day driving there, one day snorkeling and bars, one day kayaking and museums, one day driving back.