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Painting Productivity

Painting has become a vital part of my life. I’ve realized now how much I rely on painting as a form of release. I love it, can get fully absorbed in it and it reduces my stress and helps keep my sanity intact. These are all the paintings I’ve finished since the last one I posted many months ago.

The top two are part of my black and white thematic hand set. The streetlamp is an independent painting. The rest are little 5″x5″ paintings that are part of my “hope blossom” series, abstract flowers that are meant to inspire hope.


Thematic Hand Set: Legs (in progress)

I’ve been working on small flower canvases, which I will post in the future, but I finally started a large canvas piece. It is part of my thematic hand set, which will probably consist of 4 or 5 pieces. This is the 3rd one. I know I promised to post pictures, so here is a “in progress” one.


Day 3: A hobby of mine

A hobby I’ve done since high school: reading

A hobby I stopped doing, but would like to pick up again in the future: cooking

A hobby I started last year: blogging

And the hobby I like the most, but get easily frustrated with: painting

Nudity is not always pornography

Michelangelo’s David

I’ve taken two college drawing classes where I’ve had nude models. Most of the models seemed to be students attending the same school, earning a few extra bucks that the modeling job provided. What I liked about that was that they were real people with real figures and not model perfect. While I look at them almost objectively to find the angles, shading, coloring, proportions, I also find a lot of beauty in the form. I highly enjoy painting and drawing flesh. (I also have a small obsession with hands.)

Personally, I would never model nude for artists. Not because I think it wrong or shameful, actually quite the opposite. I would image that being a model for artistic purposes would be liberating. Besides, these art students are immortalizing you, albeit maybe not very well, but you are part of their development to become an artist. I find that something special.

I can’t remember which site I posted some of my art, but with it I had one nude model painting (the last picture in this post). As you can see the painting is not complete, but that wasn’t necessary for the assignment. Anyway, I was forced to take it down because the image had been reported. I was shocked that someone could be so offended to report it. Did they think it was pornography? I could understand if it was in a crude position or even a full frontal, but my painting was neither.

It made me wonder if some people think anytime there is nudity, it must be pornography. Are we still so Puritan that we can not praise the beauty in the body? Are we trained to believe that we can only display and see naked bodies for indecent purposes? Can we not look at others and see life and beauty and admire it? For women it is a little bit accepted, but lets not even talk about admiring people of the same sex.

Nudity in itself is not always pornography, even if pornography is inclusive of nudity.

So, without further ado, here are some of my drawings I did for my drawing class (most from 7 years ago!).

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inspiration, motivation, impulse…

imagination, originality, honestly…

artistry, vision, accomplishment…

and then: Eureka!

I have done a few small things, but it has been too long since I have painted anything. While I have not reached my Eureka, I did buy two 3×4 ft canvases. They almost didn’t fit in my car! I have never painted anything so large, but I have a solid idea of what I want on at least one of them. Now comes the even harder part of getting the vision in my head to become something real on canvas that I can be happy with.

Wish me luck!

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Blue Hand Skeleton

This was the initial paint for one of my hand paintings. This doesn’t exist because I painted on top of it, but I still liked it.

June Leeloo: Rafu-sen


Painting by June Leeloo

Rafu-sen is the Japanese Goddess of plum blossoms