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Painting Productivity

Painting has become a vital part of my life. I’ve realized now how much I rely on painting as a form of release. I love it, can get fully absorbed in it and it reduces my stress and helps keep my sanity intact. These are all the paintings I’ve finished since the last one I posted many months ago.

The top two are part of my black and white thematic hand set. The streetlamp is an independent painting. The rest are little 5″x5″ paintings that are part of my “hope blossom” series, abstract flowers that are meant to inspire hope.


Thematic Hand Set: Legs (in progress)

I’ve been working on small flower canvases, which I will post in the future, but I finally started a large canvas piece. It is part of my thematic hand set, which will probably consist of 4 or 5 pieces. This is the 3rd one. I know I promised to post pictures, so here is a “in progress” one.


2nd Piece: Thematic Hand Paintings – Oil

This is the 2nd completed piece for my 5-piece thematic hand paintings. I may still go back to it later and tweak a few things (make indentations of the fingers in the stomach darker and/or  change the flow of the dark background and/or make the arm larger), but I’m saying it is finished for the moment so I can go the next piece.


black & white hand 2009dsc00210hand-in-space


I have always loved hands. I draw and paint my own hand, then I don’t have to worry about how long it takes me to finish.  At first I didn’t quite know why I loved drawing hands so much, they just appealed to me and I never really thought about it.  But they are so expressive and I find beauty in hands. There are a million lines and marks on a hand, from age, scars, treatment and emotion. I try to capture some of that life.

abstract hand gripping cloth – oil

The second half of my assignment. This one is the abstract color painting of my black & white hand gripping cloth. There was nice glare when I took this picture, which helps show some of the layering. I only used a palette knife to paint this. I was really frustrated with it and it took me a while before I was happy with the result. I’m a realistic painting/drawer, so it was hard choosing colors and only able to use the knife, but I did like how it turned out. There is a ton of paint, probably won’t dry completely for a year.

Painting: hand gripping cloth – oil

As part of my painting assignment, I had to take my black & white painting of my hand and take it in two different directions. I chose to do real vs abstract with reference to color. This is my real painting with exact coloring. I should have made more color variations on the hand, but I spent a long time painting this…about 3 full days and it was a small canvas.

1st Piece: Thematic Hand Paintings – Oil

This is my hand gripping a blanket. I wanted to paint several canvases, all in black and white, that went together. This is the first piece.