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Painting Productivity

Painting has become a vital part of my life. I’ve realized now how much I rely on painting as a form of release. I love it, can get fully absorbed in it and it reduces my stress and helps keep my sanity intact. These are all the paintings I’ve finished since the last one I posted many months ago.

The top two are part of my black and white thematic hand set. The streetlamp is an independent painting. The rest are little 5″x5″ paintings that are part of my “hope blossom” series, abstract flowers that are meant to inspire hope.


My Tattoo

Last weekend I received my first tattoo. I have always wanted one, but never did because I’m not really a big fan of them, so it had to really mean something to me. I designed this image about 6 months ago, and before you ask it is an abstract flower. If I had gotten it then, it would have been impulsive and a jerk reaction because my relationship had ended, so I waited until the new year to make sure I really wanted it. I’ve explained to some how I came about making the design, why I would get it now (pretty obvious), but it means more then I can, or will, say to anyone.

Will I ever get another one? No, that isn’t me. One tattoo, simple and elegant (as a friend nicely described), that is invested with my skill, my emotions and my declaration of self.

My drawing for Drawing Day 2010

There are as many beautiful flowers as there are beautiful women who love them.

A handful of types of flowers and their meaning:

  • Amaryllis: Splendid beauty
  • Aster: Patience
  • Delphinium: Heavenly
  • Asiatic Lily: Majesty
  • Oncidium Orchid: A belle
  • Roses: Love
  • Snapdragon: Desire

Drawing Day 2010 was June 5, 2010. This time I’m only 2 days late. This is my drawing for drawing day; in pencil and took about 10 minutes. My drawing from last year: Raven.

So what is your favorite flower(s)? Mine… orchids and lilies.

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