Bucket Lists

Artistically inclined Bucket List:

1. Draw something once a month.
2. Paint a canvas bigger than me. (which isn’t all that big)
3. Paint the wall
4. Learn about artists
5. Take a pottery class
6. Learn watercolors
7. Participate in an art festival
8. Get into a museum
9. Paint something for each of my closest friends
10. To never stop creating art

Traditional Bucket List:

1. Be madly in Love
2. Visit Korea
3. Be in a flash mob
4. Finish my Artist Bucket List
5. Be in a food fight
6. Visit the Lourve
7. Visit the 7 Wonders of the World
8. Go up on a hot-air balloon
9. Lollapalooza in Chicago
10. Make love in a field of flowers
11. Grow a garden
12. See an Aurora Borealis live
13. Invent a drink
14. Cook a complete Thanksgiving Meal
15. Go to a Super Bowl
16. Lion King on Broadway
17. Trip to Vegas
18. Buy a round of drinks at a pub
19. Parasail
20. Go on a Mediterranean cruise
21. Be debt free
22. Have a family


3 responses to “Bucket Lists

  • studioeightonesix

    I couldn’t find the best place to leave this comment, so I decided to set up shop here. I love, love your painting of the hand on the hip/belly. Very dark, yet ultimately surreal. Very impressive work.

  • Secret

    You have a great bucket list. I hope you strive to complete it, you won’t be sorry.

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