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A Day of Love

While it never bothered me not to receive flowers (although flowers would have been lovely), chocolate or even a card for V day, I have celebrated this day for a decade and a half. To now be single and without someone special to celebrate the day with… is… strange. While I can understand why some may dislike this day, accentuating that “single” status in a lonely light, I find though, I do not feel any bitterness or resentment. Yes, if you are attentive you might see a shadow of sadness reflected in my eyes, and even though I won’t be in love today, it is still a day of Love.

So to those of you who are able to celebrate Valentine’s Day with that special someone, I say go ahead and ignore the rest of the world while you can and I wish you a fabulous day.

And for myself, well, I have Love in my heart and maybe in the future I too can ignore the world and share that Love with my beloved.


Day 09: What is on my wishlist

I’m ranking them by probability to come true

Verizon finally has it available, so when it comes time to renew I will get one.

Weekend trip to St. Augustine
Just thought it would be a fun road trip and I’ve never visited before.

I love to read but I do not love to pack, move and unpack boxes of books (which I have done too many times to count). And I like gadgets.

Lion King on Broadway
I’ve seen several plays, Les Miserable and Phantom of the Opera being my favorites, but I’ve wanted to see this one for several years and haven’t gotten a chance yet.

3 day trip to New York to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art
While I would take a much longer trip to New York if I could, I would be very pleased to go just to visit the MET. And I could most certainly spend ALL 3 days there just visiting the museum.

Lollapalooza in Chicago
I love music

Cook a complete Thanksgiving Dinner
I only just recently discovered that I enjoy cooking quite a lot, when done with and for others. Maybe a future significant other can help me make a fabulous (or not burnt) Thanksgiving dinner one day.

Learn the Violin
I used to play the piano for several years when I was very young, but I have always loved the sound of the violin. I’m sure my neighbors would not be pleased if I tried learning to play now.

Trip to Korea
Although I don’t speak the language, of course I want to visit the country where I was born. Why I put this last though is because it is almost literally on the other side of the world and if I’m going to go visit, it is going to be more then just for a few days. So, not possible for me to pull off this trip anytime in the near future.

Courage Quotes

Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.
– F. Scott Fitzgerald

Courage is like a muscle. We strengthen it with use.
– Ruth Gordon

Our greatest glory consists not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.
– Oliver Goldsmith

Courage is not the towering oak that sees storms come and go; it is the fragile blossom that opens in the snow.
– Alice M. Swaim

Escaping in the beat

First it was just pounding to the rhythm that ran through me and extended to my arms to then slam down upon the drum in front of me. Then perceptively the best friend who took me out tonight moved the drum away so I would dance with her in our little corner of the bar.

It was… freeing. No thoughts, no sadness, just me there dancing because it felt good to do it. If only for a few hours I could lose myself to the beat.

Brown Eyed Girl

Last week a man at work told me I had beautiful eyes. I was very surprised, not only was it unexpected, but I have never been told that before (mom doesn’t count). There is nothing wrong with my eyes per say, they are just plain brown eyes.

I have always wanted green eyes

Windows to our soul (and can grant life to someone like Lo Pan)

Eyes are the meeting place of countless people you interact with in your life. They can betray or reveal emotions without the need of words. They are not just a means to receive lights, colors, objects, but a doorway into the person. But honestly, if there were things I could change about myself, my eye color wouldn’t be at the top of the list, but there is something about someone’s eyes.

Have you ever stared into someone’s eyes and got to that point that you either had to look away or find yourself caught in that intimate moment, where the earth is narrowed down to a point, that point between you and that person, at that moment? That is because there is more then just the color we are seeing. While the color might grab your attention, it is the expression, the emotion, the depth behind them that is the tell of the person who possesses them.

As a parting gift to those other brown eyed girls:


August has been and still is a busy month for me. Had a chocolate party, went to a Buc’s pregame and looking forward to a sushi bar hopping party and concert this coming weekend. Also celebrating more birthdays and I’m taking some time off work to pack. Yeah to cutting my commute in half, Boo to having to move again. But to save a bit, the internet has been turned off, which means little to no blogging time.

So, to those that read my blog and to those blogs that I read, I will be mostly offline for probably a week or two with some sporadic contact. But I will be back, and when I do I will have posts and pictures and I will catch up on all my favorite blogger’s sites. So, don’t abandon me yet!

Lets Dance!

National Dance Day was on July 31, 2010

It was created by So You Think You Can Dance executive producer and judge Nigel Lythgoe, who wanted to “promote health and self-esteem through the art form of dance.”

It makes me reminisce about high school and the Danceros.

My freshman year in high school I decided I wanted to try out for the dance team. I had never taken dance classes before and to be honest I didn’t have much natural ability either. I wasn’t even pushed to try out by my mother, who I know was thrilled hoping this would help me with my shyness and closed off nature. I had long ago quit piano lessons and didn’t play any sports, so I know I desired to be part of something. So despite my personality issues, I motivated myself to stretch my limbs until I could do the splits and toe touches and I practiced the routines over and over again. The dance team wasn’t great at that time and there weren’t too many girls trying out, which made it possible for me to make the team.

I made it every year of high school and my last year I was one of three captains. By my senior year, the dance team was better (of course I’m bias) then the cheerleading team. Mostly this was due to our dance coach who was dedicated to making the team great and could dance herself and show us firsthand what a move should look like.

I certainly wasn’t good enough to dance in college, but I will say being on that team was one of the few things I liked about high school. It was a huge part of my adolescent life and I can’t image how differently I would have turned out if I hadn’t made it. And surprisingly it taught me a lot, especially managing skills. Have you ever had to be in charge of 40 teenage girls? Despite the craziness and drama, I have very fond memories of those girls and tons of tons of pictures to remind me of that time. I went through the boxes of pictures and picked out two to add to the post.

I no longer dance, except around the house for my cat. I always wanted to take classes: waltz, salsa, tango, swing. Sounds like so much fun to me!

So, what activity were you into in high school?

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