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Nature Take Me

Let the fiery sun burn me

Let the crashing ocean drown me

Let the fertile earth bury me

Let your nature take all of me

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Wreck Me

Wreck me on your shores, I’m already
lost at sea

wash away the years
set me free

Wreck me body and mind, drown out
the sorrow in me

besides we know life
isn’t a guarantee

Irretrievably Broken

Our lives, irretrievably broken. Divorce.

How we ended up here, maybe I could trace back all the reasons why, maybe not. We became separate beings, no longer one joined in everything. Was it my fault, yours, just what happens in life? I’ve made many mistakes, regrets I could wallow and drown in; mistakes with you. You believed I did things I never did, but does it matter? In broken trust and truth, you left changed and unforgiving. You held onto the past, the pain, stayed rigid that we couldn’t work. I’m not the only one who made mistakes though. You became a cold, dark abyss sitting across from me, staring back at me, lying in bed next to me. Now you are the one who doesn’t love me, stated plainly, you want freedom and to be with other women. So I give you your freedom, your divorce and now I feel unforgiving.

Silly and sad, we are the like the goldilocks story, just reversed. Perfect at first, then too little, then too much. Strange after so many years what is left between us. You gave me so much, but in the end all I feel is this burning scar across my heart.

I stopped loving myself to love you. Now I stand alone and I want nothing more to do with you.

You are no longer the beloved in my heart
You are no longer the lover in my bed
You are the past that can’t change
You are just the devil in my head
You can stay locked inside
You wanted to lose me
And so you have

If I Could, I Would

If I could have happiness today, I would
Since there is none, then I will take pleasure in pain
Let it burn me, let it boil my blood

I will screw you and this life we live in too

If I could have love today, I would
Since there is none, then I will take pleasure
Let it burn me, let it boil my blood

Breath life into me, satisfy my need

If I could have it all, I would
Since there is none, then I will take pleasure and pain
Let it burn me, let it boil my blood

Take what you want, Take it all

Lunar Eclipse: December 21st, 2010 3am

Where does that leave me?

I give you everything of me, body and soul. I give darkness and light and all the in-between.
I hear you say no, on repeat. I hear no, to the rhythm of my heart beat.

You say you want to stand alone. You say you want friendship, nothing more.
You want your words and poetry. You want sex and revelry.

So where does that leave me but heartsick, dealing with my love that won’t stop burning.

Collage of Music Poetry

Its hard enough to see the world as it is
and hold on anything
Without these quiet times
coming round here
Quiet Times

All these dreams took me so far
And I felt I just couldn’t go on
And I want to hang on
Winding Road

And I want to know my fate
If I keep up this way
And it’s hard to want to stay
Bixby Canyon Bridge

Wish I was wrong
I wish that you were right here lying in my arms
Deep down inside I got to face the truth
That you’re not coming home
This Love is Over

Dying Tree

There is a tree that stands inside of me
Massive roots run deep through me
This tree used to be strong and healthy
Ripe fruit and lush leaves

Some roots I pulled out carelessly
Not knowing what it was doing to me
Some roots were pulled by you deliberately
Only one root is now left behind

I stand before this dying tree
I remember how glorious it used to be
But I cannot save this tree
So I make the choice to pull the last root from me

The fruit all fall and perish
The leaves turn brown and lacking
All the pieces turn to ash and drift away
Leaving nothing behind in its passing

But I will not mourn long for this dying tree
I shall lay a new foundation inside of me
Where one day something new will grow
And blossom fruit to feed my soul