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San Diego Comic Con 2011

This was my very first Con. It was a very entertaining, memorable and unique experience. While I am familiar with movies, tv series, comics, video games, I did realize that I certainly do not have the level of obsession that many of the people at the Con had. Twilight fans are a prime example as they waited days to get into their panel. The George R.R. Martin panel also had people waiting all day and even after all that wait, thousands didn’t get in. But I did get to see some panels, preview some upcoming movies and went to the panel for Batman: Year One, where they showed the full animated movie.

And it was a spectacular place for people watching. I found I really enjoyed walking around the Exhibit Hall where the vendors plied their wares and where the majority of the people in costume were strutting around. And yes, I did wear a costume. I made a trip to the other coast for a Comic Con convention, of course I would have a costume. I had people ask to take my picture, I was hit on a few times and one guy told me he loved me. In no way common, I found it was flattering and uncomfortable at the same time.

Would I go again? No…unless I lived there. If I lived there I could see myself get a 1 day pass (instead of 4 days) and get in costume, see a panel or two, walk the Exhibit Hall and spend the evening in downtown. But I am told Comic Con is quite different from Dragon Con…maybe I’ll visit Dragon Con, who knows.


My Tattoo

Last weekend I received my first tattoo. I have always wanted one, but never did because I’m not really a big fan of them, so it had to really mean something to me. I designed this image about 6 months ago, and before you ask it is an abstract flower. If I had gotten it then, it would have been impulsive and a jerk reaction because my relationship had ended, so I waited until the new year to make sure I really wanted it. I’ve explained to some how I came about making the design, why I would get it now (pretty obvious), but it means more then I can, or will, say to anyone.

Will I ever get another one? No, that isn’t me. One tattoo, simple and elegant (as a friend nicely described), that is invested with my skill, my emotions and my declaration of self.

Day 5: Pictures that make me smile

A Concert with Friends

A friend asked me to go to a concert with her. I said yes, not because I like the band (I didn’t even know who they were), but because I haven’t hung out with her in some time. A few days before the concert I almost decided not to go, not because I’m antisocial, but sometimes I find it hard to take that last step. I have a tendency to close myself off from others and I am trying to work on that. Anyway, here are the pictures I took from the concert and some of them turned out quite interesting.

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I Walked

I walked through the night, small steps, repeated many times over.
Circled around these lifeless statues, and came upon swings.
No past memories exist, but felt elated to find them.
The following night I came again, to the swings.

In Memory of You

Rest in Peace: Michael Lee Curry

December 31, 2004

Green Thumb

1. Jalopeno Peppers
2. Zinnia Flowers
3. Basil
4. Cherry Tomatoes
5. Orchid

Except in my last apartment, this is the first time I have had the right light to grow herbs. I usually have an orchid that I am “trying” to grow. I have gone through several of them over the years. A few months back I had an orchid plant and a bamboo plant, but in a sudden impulse I intentionally broke one and threw the other one away. I still want to get a new bamboo plant and maybe another orchid. I didn’t realize at the time, but the orchid I have now was very poorly maintained and all of the roots were bad. I replanted it and cut away all the roots and I’m surprised it is still alive much less actually growing new roots. Just have to wait and see if I can salvage it.

So now I have the right light, and hopefully the patience and love to grow my plants. If they die, I will buy new ones, but either way, having plants seems to make me feel just that bit more at home.