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San Diego Comic Con 2011

This was my very first Con. It was a very entertaining, memorable and unique experience. While I am familiar with movies, tv series, comics, video games, I did realize that I certainly do not have the level of obsession that many of the people at the Con had. Twilight fans are a prime example as they waited days to get into their panel. The George R.R. Martin panel also had people waiting all day and even after all that wait, thousands didn’t get in. But I did get to see some panels, preview some upcoming movies and went to the panel for Batman: Year One, where they showed the full animated movie.

And it was a spectacular place for people watching. I found I really enjoyed walking around the Exhibit Hall where the vendors plied their wares and where the majority of the people in costume were strutting around. And yes, I did wear a costume. I made a trip to the other coast for a Comic Con convention, of course I would have a costume. I had people ask to take my picture, I was hit on a few times and one guy told me he loved me. In no way common, I found it was flattering and uncomfortable at the same time.

Would I go again? No…unless I lived there. If I lived there I could see myself get a 1 day pass (instead of 4 days) and get in costume, see a panel or two, walk the Exhibit Hall and spend the evening in downtown. But I am told Comic Con is quite different from Dragon Con…maybe I’ll visit Dragon Con, who knows.


A real post, a glimpse into my life and a costume

Not counting the occasional song posting, which takes no effort, it has been quite some time since I’ve written on my blog.

Life has been on the move, a roller coaster ride, and I don’t know who’s running the controls. I’ve had highs that make me think I will eventually get everything I want and I’ve had lows that bring me to my knees, making me question everything I am and everything I do.

Life now? I paint, I dance, I travel when I can afford it, I spend time with friends. And I think… I think about moving out of state, I think about having kids, I think about my past and my future, I think about pain, passion, connection, letting go, I think about love.

I find life bitter AND sweet, but I am grateful. Grateful for everyone who loves me, supports me and believes in me. I am grateful that divorce did not crush my spirit and my hope. I am grateful that no matter how low I get, I find the strength to get back up, to see the beauty around me, to follow whatever path life takes me, even if it isn’t the one I planned for.

To end, I shall add two pictures. The first is a photo I took while in California a few months ago and the second is a photo of a costume I shall be wearing when I go back to California in a few weeks for Comic Con.

Day 3: A hobby of mine

A hobby I’ve done since high school: reading

A hobby I stopped doing, but would like to pick up again in the future: cooking

A hobby I started last year: blogging

And the hobby I like the most, but get easily frustrated with: painting

Looking for that artist in me

My friends have been absolutely amazing. They have distracted me and cared for me and I am so thankful. I love them all and I know they are filling some of the holes in my heart with their love.

The sun is out and my optimism kicks in.  It is time for me to take steps for myself. First and foremost would be to get back to my art, which I have barely touched in the last year. This blog helps me express myself, but I am not a writer, I am an artist, albeit an amateur one with very little schooling.

I don’t pay rent now, but I will be moving soon, so I will need to watch my budget since I still want to get out of debt. Nonetheless, I am looking to take some art classes and having a studio space to paint.

So a struggling artist I will be! Wish me luck!

Which Yoko Ono for Halloween?

I am going to be Yoko Ono for Halloween, but haven’t decided yet on the outfit. I have long black hair, so I’m going for a young Yoko Ono and have decided to choose between two outfits. Either a flowing white dress (or shirt/skirt) with a white headband like in the Imagine video OR black shirt, leather shorts and black boots like in the bottom picture.

Note: sorry, looks like you have to click on the video and go to youtube to see the video. Yoko’s outfit doesn’t show up until towards the very end.

Kings of Leon Concert

Kings of Leon
Openers: Black Keys and The Wigs
Ford Amphitheater

I first discovered Kings of Leon about a year ago with their newest album Only by the Night and posted their song Use Somebody on my blog. Shortly after I heard that specific song on the radio and that song won best record of the year. I loved the throaty, heavier rock sound and ended up getting 2 more albums (they have 4 total). There are reviews that say that their sound with the newest album sounded too much of studio, mainstream calm instead of their normal southern, raw sound. Since I started with their newest album first and worked backwards I didn’t have a standard of them beforehand, but either way I like their album and sound.

I already knew their music would work well in this type of large open venue. There were also screens on either side taking black and white close ups of the performance, which was nicely done. It was a great concert, even if I didn’t get to hear Cold Desert, Use Somebody, Be Somebody, which they might have sung on the encore but I had to leave then because of other plans I had.

About the openers, I totally missed The Wigs but more importantly I didn’t miss the Black Keys, who I would go see in concert as the main feature.

Note: I forgot my camera so I only got a few pictures from my phone camera.

Lets Dance!

National Dance Day was on July 31, 2010

It was created by So You Think You Can Dance executive producer and judge Nigel Lythgoe, who wanted to “promote health and self-esteem through the art form of dance.”

It makes me reminisce about high school and the Danceros.

My freshman year in high school I decided I wanted to try out for the dance team. I had never taken dance classes before and to be honest I didn’t have much natural ability either. I wasn’t even pushed to try out by my mother, who I know was thrilled hoping this would help me with my shyness and closed off nature. I had long ago quit piano lessons and didn’t play any sports, so I know I desired to be part of something. So despite my personality issues, I motivated myself to stretch my limbs until I could do the splits and toe touches and I practiced the routines over and over again. The dance team wasn’t great at that time and there weren’t too many girls trying out, which made it possible for me to make the team.

I made it every year of high school and my last year I was one of three captains. By my senior year, the dance team was better (of course I’m bias) then the cheerleading team. Mostly this was due to our dance coach who was dedicated to making the team great and could dance herself and show us firsthand what a move should look like.

I certainly wasn’t good enough to dance in college, but I will say being on that team was one of the few things I liked about high school. It was a huge part of my adolescent life and I can’t image how differently I would have turned out if I hadn’t made it. And surprisingly it taught me a lot, especially managing skills. Have you ever had to be in charge of 40 teenage girls? Despite the craziness and drama, I have very fond memories of those girls and tons of tons of pictures to remind me of that time. I went through the boxes of pictures and picked out two to add to the post.

I no longer dance, except around the house for my cat. I always wanted to take classes: waltz, salsa, tango, swing. Sounds like so much fun to me!

So, what activity were you into in high school?

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