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black & white hand 2009dsc00210hand-in-space


I have always loved hands. I draw and paint my own hand, then I don’t have to worry about how long it takes me to finish.  At first I didn’t quite know why I loved drawing hands so much, they just appealed to me and I never really thought about it.  But they are so expressive and I find beauty in hands. There are a million lines and marks on a hand, from age, scars, treatment and emotion. I try to capture some of that life.


One painting every month

Without having a class, it it harder for me to motivate myself to paint. It is such a slow process for me. But when I actually do start painting, I can do it for hours and it becomes my world. 

I have set my goal to finish one painting a month. I already know what my next subject will be. But I want to change the painting up a bit and add texture to it so I’m still debating about what materials I will be using. I’m going to try to do some prep work by making drawings first. I feel like this first painting needs to be really good. I hope I don’t disappoint myself.

abstract hand gripping cloth – oil

The second half of my assignment. This one is the abstract color painting of my black & white hand gripping cloth. There was nice glare when I took this picture, which helps show some of the layering. I only used a palette knife to paint this. I was really frustrated with it and it took me a while before I was happy with the result. I’m a realistic painting/drawer, so it was hard choosing colors and only able to use the knife, but I did like how it turned out. There is a ton of paint, probably won’t dry completely for a year.

Painting: hand gripping cloth – oil

As part of my painting assignment, I had to take my black & white painting of my hand and take it in two different directions. I chose to do real vs abstract with reference to color. This is my real painting with exact coloring. I should have made more color variations on the hand, but I spent a long time painting this…about 3 full days and it was a small canvas.

1st Piece: Thematic Hand Paintings – Oil

This is my hand gripping a blanket. I wanted to paint several canvases, all in black and white, that went together. This is the first piece.

landscape – oil

My first landscape painting. I painted it from a picture I took when I went to Scotland.

still life – oil

my first still life painting