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Stuff White People Like… and So Do I

Stuff White People Like

1. Coffee. I only started drinking coffee in the last year, but now I enjoy my Vanilla Latte with Whip (used to be lots of whip, but I had to stop that).

35. The Daily Show/Colbert Report. I will admit I don’t catch the news as much as I should and sometimes I get that news from these awesome shows.

40. Apple Products. I was always a PC user until last year when I bought my MacBook Pro and I will never go back! I also have an iPod Touch but no iPhone.

42. Sushi. Godzilla Roll, California Roll, Tampa Roll… Om nom nom!

47. Arts Degree. If only I could go back and get the Art Degree I always wanted to get. /sigh

120. Taking the Year Off. Who wouldn’t like to take a year off?

11. Asian Girls. 104. Girls With Bangs. Haha, I’m both of these and I like myself most of the time.

Full list of Stuff White People Like

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Book Review: The Professor and the Madman: A Tale of Murder, Insanity, and the Making of OED

The Professor and the Madman

by Simon Winchester

My Rating (1-5): 4 ♥

It doesn’t seem like a story about The Oxford English Dictionary would be that interesting, but throw in a madman and you’ve got a intriguing novel. A good mix of the stories behind some of the major people involved and informative history about the making of the OED.

Oxford English Dictionary Facts

  • est. 5 million quotations submitted by contributors and 1,861,200 quotations were used in the first edition of the  dictionary
  • William Shakespeare is the most-quoted writer, with Hamlet his most-quoted word
  • It took approximately 70 years to finish
  • James Murray was the editor (the professor)
  • Dr. William Chester Minor was a major contributor to the dictionary (the madman)
  • First Edition: 10 volumes, 15,490 pages & Second Edition: 20 volumes, 21,730 pages

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Jim Butcher: Changes

Author: Jim Butcher
Genre: Fantasy
Series: Dresden Files Book 12

Didn’t realize this series already has 12 books. Well, I still enjoy reading them. Easy storyline to follow, language isn’t difficult, there is humor and fantasy, and I like the main character. This series is good for someone who likes fantasy and wants a lighter read where the action and story moves quickly.

My rating: 3 stars

Britain's smallest library

How creative! Instead of despairing at the lose of their library, this town converts an old phone box into a library, stocking books, CDs and DVDs.

The BBC: small article about Britain’s smallest library


Learn Your Damn Homophones Page

Homophones (noun): two or more words having the same pronunciation but with different meanings, origins, or spelling.

Maybe I should post this somewhere for myself because I do get confused on some of them.

First Lord's Fury

The last book in Jim Butcher’s Codex series. I loved this series and he did an excellent job with the last one. I wish he wasn’t ending the series.

Children's Books

These are the few children’s books that have left a mark on me. I look forward to reading them to my own child one day.