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Spray Painting Artist: Brandon McConnell

Spray Painting Website

About the Artist: Brandon McConnell


Photographer: Tim Walker

Tim Walker is known for his extravagant and romantic style and his photographs are featured on Vogue. If I had my way, at least once in every woman’s life, they would be pampered and given a photo shoot to have their beauty captured on camera.

The first photo is sensual and erotic, while the the second photo is charming and delicate, but both are lovely.

Beth Stichter: Rabbit Sculpture

Sculpture by Beth Cavener Stichter. I found this sculpture making me think about being lost and hurt, hiding from the predators. After reading the artist’s reasoning behind the sculptures, it added to my interest.

Kurt Wenner Art

Kurt Wenner is an artist and architect who is influenced by Renaissance classicism. He is well known for his 3D street art.

Saimir Strati: Nail Mosaic

Saimir Strati is known for his mosaics. The image he used for this piece is one my favorite drawings, self portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci. He used approximately 500,000 industrial nails to create it and it is in the Guiness World Records. He has also done mosaics in toothpicks, corks, eggshells and beans.

June Leeloo: Rafu-sen

Painting by June Leeloo

Rafu-sen is the Japanese Goddess of plum blossoms

Labokoff: Coquelicot

Painting by Labokoff

The flower looks so fragile and delicate, existing in a world where any harshness could destroy it. The transparency of the flower adds to that.