An Artistically Inclined Bucket List

Instead of making a normal bucket list, I decided to make one focused on ART.

1. Draw something once a month.

2. Paint a canvas bigger than me. (which isn’t all that big)

3. Paint the wall

4. Learn about artists

5. Take a pottery class

6. Learn watercolors

7. Participate in an art festival

8. Get into a museum

9. Paint something for each of my closest friends

10. To never stop creating art


About Inner Love

I want: Passion. Desire. To create Cosmos. I want: Expression. Depth. Meaning. I want: Joy. Laughter. Love. I want: Life. View all posts by Inner Love

5 responses to “An Artistically Inclined Bucket List

  • Secret

    I like this. In it of itself it seems like art. Well done! And for the record, at least 5 of those are on my arttistic bucket list too.

  • Secret

    I am not an artist with formal training. More of a novice practitioner. As for a medium, I bore easily so whatever turns me on at the time I feel the creative urge lol. My best friend is an artist, formally trained. She is amazing. You should check out her stuff. If you are interested I can send you the link privately just let me know.
    5 years, I am sure you will reach your goal. No point in creating a bucket list if you don’t intend on striking out done deeds.

    • Inner Love

      Myself, I have very little training, a few drawing classes and a painting class. I should have changed my degree in college to Fine Arts when I had the chance, oh well. I can’t afford to take classes now, but I’ve converted my dining area into my art “studio” and that works out for me.

      I would love to see your friend’s art and also some of yours 🙂

  • Secret

    Check her out:

    I would love to share with you, but I only create as gifts lol. I looked around my house last night and I don’t have a single painting of my own. No clay work. Nothing. I have given every last piece away. But the next time I do create something, I will photograph it and put it up on my site.

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