Day 09: What is on my wishlist

I’m ranking them by probability to come true

Verizon finally has it available, so when it comes time to renew I will get one.

Weekend trip to St. Augustine
Just thought it would be a fun road trip and I’ve never visited before.

I love to read but I do not love to pack, move and unpack boxes of books (which I have done too many times to count). And I like gadgets.

Lion King on Broadway
I’ve seen several plays, Les Miserable and Phantom of the Opera being my favorites, but I’ve wanted to see this one for several years and haven’t gotten a chance yet.

3 day trip to New York to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art
While I would take a much longer trip to New York if I could, I would be very pleased to go just to visit the MET. And I could most certainly spend ALL 3 days there just visiting the museum.

Lollapalooza in Chicago
I love music

Cook a complete Thanksgiving Dinner
I only just recently discovered that I enjoy cooking quite a lot, when done with and for others. Maybe a future significant other can help me make a fabulous (or not burnt) Thanksgiving dinner one day.

Learn the Violin
I used to play the piano for several years when I was very young, but I have always loved the sound of the violin. I’m sure my neighbors would not be pleased if I tried learning to play now.

Trip to Korea
Although I don’t speak the language, of course I want to visit the country where I was born. Why I put this last though is because it is almost literally on the other side of the world and if I’m going to go visit, it is going to be more then just for a few days. So, not possible for me to pull off this trip anytime in the near future.


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2 responses to “Day 09: What is on my wishlist

  • happypoppeye

    iPhone – screw that, too expensive. For the price of the new one, well, you have half your ticket to Korea right there. For that matter, six months not paying the monthly phone bill …the other half.

    St Augustine – do it.

    Nookcolor – well, buy it!!! …or wait a few months and you can probably get it for half the price.

    Lion King & Met …easily done. Just start saving. New York is a great city though …only one day in the Met. Too many other things to see.

    Chicago …again, start savin’.

    Thanksgiving Dinner …good luck 🙂

    Learn the Violin …can’t help you with that one.

    Korea …other side of the world. I used to think like that also. Language is not an issue. If yu wnat to bad enough, you will. Thats that

    Good post, John

    • Suzanne

      Only if I just had the money now… Oh, the places I would go! So, yes to saving and yes to doing… in the near future.

      Thanks so much for the comment! Strange how even complete strangers can help motivate a person, lol.

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