I will be going to California for the Comic-Con convention in July. The San Diego Comic-Con is the largest convention in America and all of the 2011 tickets sold out in one day. I have never been to one of these before and would probably never have thought to go, except I have a friend who convinced me that it would be fun. Originally I said no, but I want to travel and I haven’t been to California since I was a child, so why the hell not?

It is a good thing it isn’t right away though, because there is a lot that has to get done first and I only have the 4-day pass for the event. We will be staying a week, first spending time in LA before going to San Diego, and I still have to figure out flight, hotel, travel, activities, costs.

And a costume. At first I wasn’t planning on dressing up, but if I’m going I might as well do it right. So I searched a bit and found two costumes I really like.

One is Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy, which when I used to play video games was one of my favorites. The other is Jill Valentine from Resident Evil, wearing guns and fighting zombies appeals to me.


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