Fortune Cookie Wisdom

It is not normal for me to collect things, neither am I a pack rat or overly sentimental, nor is it normal for me take wisdom from fortune cookies. Nonetheless, I have collected the last 5 fortunes I have received over the last few months. If I believed in a higher power, I might think someone is trying to tell me something.

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5 responses to “Fortune Cookie Wisdom

  • webmistress

    good post I’m intrigued by fountune cookie findings alot of the time i save them or when i mistakenly run across one again i put it up. Sometimes their right on the mark and other times they have me saying WTF lol Have any of the ones you found recently become so true that u could’nt believe it?

    • Suzanne

      The only reason I held onto these were because they all fit so appropriately for what has been going on in my life recently that it seems more then a coincidence. I find the last one most amusing and weirdly accurate, coming at a time when I find myself doing many new things.

      • webmistress

        well find a good fortune in a cookie one that is more than just a good tasting crunch…it must be good mentally too, win the lotto..find that perfect somebody…ect U seem liek a lucky girl already pass some of that one to me lol

      • Suzanne

        If I win the lotto, I’ll share, but if I find that perfect somebody, lol, I’m not sharing!

        I don’t think I’ll know if my luck is running good or bad until I can look back on this time later in the future. Here’s hoping it is on the up!

      • webmistress

        U not sharing huh, now why must u keep all the good ones for yourself? lol yes here here to things being on the up and headed in a positive direction.

        they don’t call em fortune cookies for nothing

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