Day 2: Something I am grateful for

If I had written this post on the day it was suppose to be, it would have fallen on Thanksgiving, which seems so appropriate. But as I tried to write about something I am grateful for, I was too blinded by my own pain to get more then a few words. But despite my desire to lock the door, turn off my phone and sleep the day through, I was able to enjoy several hours with my family and then shared a few hours with a friend.

And now several days later, after the holiday pains have subsided, I decided to take a leap of faith. Not a religious one, but an emotional one. I may feel hurt and abandoned, my life may never be as bright or as beautiful as it was, but nonetheless, I must take a path of my own choosing. I can no longer wear these invisible chains that bind me to my past and the man who represents it. And if that means walking into the unknown, alone, with a hole in my heart, then so be it.

But I’m not alone, not all the time. I have friends. The bestfriends, the occassional friends, the friends far away I haven’t seen in years, the blogging friends who I have never even met and even those friends who cross our paths briefly and then disappear. I am grateful for them all. They are like rays of light, scattering warmth and love upon the path, helping keep the darkness at bay and hope in my heart.

Thank you friends.


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