Oh music, rise me up

Music takes me back and brings me forward. It heats my blood and turns me on. Music sings to my soul and dances with my shadow. Yes, I adore music.

A few months back I started a new playlist called Rise Up, a counter to my older and longer playlist called Heartache. Depending on my mood I will listen to one or the other, but each passing day I am listening to more of the Rise Up playlist and less of the other. There are still moments where this glorious sadness brings me to my knees and if the darkness always has a piece of me, so be it. I know I stumble and I have lost my way, but I see that with each passing day I get stronger and right now I want music that reflects that.

I am taking recommendations to add to my Rise Up playlist. Some of the songs are dark and sad, some bright and lovely, some thoughtful and reassuring, but all speak of rising up and giving voice to struggling forward, to discovering ourselves and showing us the beauty and wonder of life, even in the darkness.

So, what songs do you listen to that makes life brighter, lighter and rises you up?

Rise Up Playlist
1. Little Acorns – White Stripes
2. Brand New Day – Joshua Radin
3. Better Things – The Kinks
4. Winding Road – Bonnie Somerville
5. Let It Rain – Brendan James
6. Lark – Josh Ritter
7. San Francisco – Brett Dennen
8. I Am Mine – Pearl Jam
9. Distant Dreamer – Duffy
10. Today – Smashing Pumpkins
11. Ain’t No Life – Pilot Speed
12. Life is a Song – Patrick Park
13. Where I Go – Natalie Merchant
14. Without You – Hinder
15. Float On – Modest Mouse
16. Lost! – Coldplay
17. Rise Above This – Seether


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