Vulnerability can be… scary

Vulnerability can be… difficult

Vulnerability can be… disarming

We are a lonely lot, but we don’t have to be.

We want to connect with others, to have friends, to feel appreciated, to be loved. But first we must pull down those walls. The ones that protect us against disappointment, pain and rejection. It keeps us from being hurt because we know how it feels to be let down, left in the dark. But if we never let down our walls and be vulnerable, then we lose out on joy, laughter and love.


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8 responses to “Vulnerability

  • Slamdunk

    Those walls are still prominent in my life. Thanks for the reminder of what I should be working toward.

    • Suzanne

      I had them up almost my entire life, but I realized how much I may lose out on if I continue to do so… so it is a reminder to myself too.

  • Jen

    Those walls can cause us to lose out on the love and fun in life. I’m slowly learning that in life as we speak. I’m trying to learn how to control thos walls so that life stops passing by me at the speed of light!

    • Suzanne

      Life does move by so quickly and I don’t want to regret trying things, meeting people and enjoying the time I have because I didn’t give it a chance. Of course it isn’t always easy to do because when we do get disappointed and let down it hurts and can be hard to get back up.

  • lyricalsword

    Well said. Such a simple truth. Heartbreak and disappointment are conniving opportunists…and the cynical and more realistic side of me knows that they will always prevail in the end. The biggest thing that keeps me going is learning to find the beauty in the contrast. This world is a hot mess, for what is love without hatred? And what is true, fulfilling happiness…..if you have never experienced the agonizing emptiness of a broken heart?

    • Suzanne

      I am in agreement that we may not truly know what happiness, love, hope are until we know the harsher, colder, meaner end of the spectrum. And sometimes the better, good side of things are harder to grasp and hold onto.

  • lyricalsword

    You have inspired me to post a piece I wrote a while ago when reflecting on this topic. I tend to be a little more cynical in my views, but nonetheless, I think you and I are on a similar page.

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