Looking for that artist in me

My friends have been absolutely amazing. They have distracted me and cared for me and I am so thankful. I love them all and I know they are filling some of the holes in my heart with their love.

The sun is out and my optimism kicks in.  It is time for me to take steps for myself. First and foremost would be to get back to my art, which I have barely touched in the last year. This blog helps me express myself, but I am not a writer, I am an artist, albeit an amateur one with very little schooling.

I don’t pay rent now, but I will be moving soon, so I will need to watch my budget since I still want to get out of debt. Nonetheless, I am looking to take some art classes and having a studio space to paint.

So a struggling artist I will be! Wish me luck!


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8 responses to “Looking for that artist in me

  • webmistress

    Mos def will be looking out for your artwork here, a blog is not just about writing even though you stated your not a writer. Let your artistic nature be shown on the posts of your blog as a galleries or just as one or two photos, either your fans here (especially us) will be looking forward to it.

    if luck was a pound then im personally wishing your a ton 😉

    • Suzanne

      Thank you for the support! I will definitely post my artwork on here. I already have a painting in mind that I want to start.

  • Jen

    A blog is for more than writing and writing is a form of art. I always look forward cheacking your blog for new artwork. In fact you have inspired me. I am an artisit with words and photography. So I’ve decided to start adding at least one photograph with each blog entry. I look forward to seeing your artwork!

    • Suzanne

      You are right, writing IS a form of art. I’m always happy when I get a quality post up, which is harder then it seems. And I am looking forward to seeing your photos.

  • slamdunk

    It is good to hear that you are with friends and focusing on art–your passion–and I look foward to hearing about your creations.

  • webmistress

    The proof is in the pudding, I knew that more than just myself was looking forward to your drawings and other artwork…glad your inspired because the feeling is mutual.

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