Brown Eyed Girl

Last week a man at work told me I had beautiful eyes. I was very surprised, not only was it unexpected, but I have never been told that before (mom doesn’t count). There is nothing wrong with my eyes per say, they are just plain brown eyes.

I have always wanted green eyes

Windows to our soul (and can grant life to someone like Lo Pan)

Eyes are the meeting place of countless people you interact with in your life. They can betray or reveal emotions without the need of words. They are not just a means to receive lights, colors, objects, but a doorway into the person. But honestly, if there were things I could change about myself, my eye color wouldn’t be at the top of the list, but there is something about someone’s eyes.

Have you ever stared into someone’s eyes and got to that point that you either had to look away or find yourself caught in that intimate moment, where the earth is narrowed down to a point, that point between you and that person, at that moment? That is because there is more then just the color we are seeing. While the color might grab your attention, it is the expression, the emotion, the depth behind them that is the tell of the person who possesses them.

As a parting gift to those other brown eyed girls:


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