Stuff White People Like… and So Do I

Stuff White People Like

1. Coffee. I only started drinking coffee in the last year, but now I enjoy my Vanilla Latte with Whip (used to be lots of whip, but I had to stop that).

35. The Daily Show/Colbert Report. I will admit I don’t catch the news as much as I should and sometimes I get that news from these awesome shows.

40. Apple Products. I was always a PC user until last year when I bought my MacBook Pro and I will never go back! I also have an iPod Touch but no iPhone.

42. Sushi. Godzilla Roll, California Roll, Tampa Roll… Om nom nom!

47. Arts Degree. If only I could go back and get the Art Degree I always wanted to get. /sigh

120. Taking the Year Off. Who wouldn’t like to take a year off?

11. Asian Girls. 104. Girls With Bangs. Haha, I’m both of these and I like myself most of the time.

Full list of Stuff White People Like

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5 responses to “Stuff White People Like… and So Do I

  • Jacky Cheng

    haha this was pretty funny post and i definitely enjoyed reading it. i have yet to try a hot cup of coffee, and an apple computer is on my top 10 list of things to buy when i’m a millionaire. one day, one day…

    • Suzanne

      Glad you liked it! It does seem a little strange you haven’t at least tried a cup of coffee. I can’t drink it black, way too bitter.

      My desktop was having some issues and I was looking into getting another PC desktop, but decided to change and get an Apple laptop instead. Absolutely love it, even if it took a while before I could pay it all off.

  • Seshadri

    Pretty funny and brutally true lists. I came across the list some time back and its fun to read such posts and lists.
    Coffee, organic food,traveling, vegan, japan, bikes, girls with bangs, camping , frizbee sports, and the onion are on my list.
    Not sure whether reality shows and celebrity life sneak peaks are on the list

    • Suzanne

      Yea, not into the reality shows or celebrity stuff either, but there are some really good ones on there. I agree with more of them, but I just chose the best ones for my post.

  • dedalus9

    At least 1/2 of the list applies to me! But less because I’m white, and more because I’m liberal.

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