Geography is my Achilles Heel


Yes, I will admit it. My geography knowledge is horrendous. When ever someone asks a geography question, I have a natural inclination to look away in the opposite direction. Just like when you were class and didn’t know the answer, if you just didn’t look up and get eye contact then you won’t be pointed out to answer.

I will pass the blame and say it was the educational system that failed me. How come everyone else can sing a little song and know all the capitals of the US? I wish I was able to travel like I want to travel, then I could learn first hand.

While I have done nothing to remedy my lack, I have thought about dedicating a blog post each month to teaching myself some bit of geography. Maybe after admitting this I will actually do it. And if you learn something new with me then that is just a bonus or you can just pass it by as something you already know, since your geography could not be as bad as mine.

And to make myself feel even dumber, here is a youTube video of a little girl (maybe 3 or 4 years old?) naming the capitals.

So, what do you consider to be your Achilles Heel?

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18 responses to “Geography is my Achilles Heel

  • Roger's Place

    No wonder your knowledge of geography is low…The map you are using is beautiful but way out of date.

    Good luck on your studies.

    • Suzanne

      The artist in me went for the pretty picture instead of the accurate one 🙂 I guess that would be the first step in the studies!

  • IzaakMak

    Do you remember the old “Jack of all trades, master of none?” If I had to pick just one “Achilles Heel,” it would be my inability to focus myself into a narrower range of things to learn about. Hopefully, I’d be better able to benefit from them.

    But then there’s my terrible memory. While I tell myself that all the crap I’ve stuffed into my brain helps me on some deep philosophical level, it would sure be nice to be able to call up specific facts at will to impress the folks who just think I’m nuts! 😆

    On the geography thing, I’ve always been fascinated by the changes in physical and political boundaries over time. I’d love to post a video or two on it!

    • Suzanne

      I know, there is so much crap in my head too, but not enough to even win a “random facts about random things” game show. I think it is like that for many people. Too bad I can’t pick and choose what stays in my brain.

  • Paul

    Sure, easy for a 2 year old. Try doing that with my old rusted brain!

  • webmistress

    Not everybody knows everything, I too an lacking geographical knowings so dyou truely are not alone, great that you opted to learn it better though…it takes a brave person to admit things publically. You will get it in no time just look at how you’ve caught with art and blogging 😉

  • dedalus9

    To make things worse for you, my dad was a geography major, so my siblings and I grew up playing geography trivia games. And now I subject you to them.

    I wish I could say I had an Achille’s heel, but I don’t think any part of me was dipped in Styx. So I’ll pick just one weakness: I have the focus of a highly caffeinated gnat.

  • Slamdunk

    In 6th grade, I had to take a test on listing the state capitals and spelling them correctly.

    My heel is I don’t do well watching someone do something and then repeating it. I need to read the instructions and then if I get stuck having the person help me through the tough part–it drives most instructors nuts.

    • Suzanne

      I can only bet it drove your instructors crazy, considering most people are very visual and like to show step by step what to do. Haha, probably made them feel useless.

  • Seshadri

    Intellectual speaking I am comfortable in handling any topic or atleast pay attention and listen to wide variety of topics ranging from politics to movies to sports to humor to philosophy to religion to what not.
    From a personality point of view, my ex always used to tell me that I am not that emotionally sensitive. The irony being that I completely exposed myself, my nature, the way i think, talk, act and feel. She had a problem in accepting people as they are and I was subjected to heaps of criticism on similar grounds. I would not completely call it Achielles heel just because someone had a problem with my nature.
    I have a tricky blend of possessing good intuition & instinct, able to look at something with wide variety of perspectives , at the same time blessed with a wavery mind which cannot focus on 1 thing 100% all the time. It kind of screws me up when it comes to decision making as I am inwardly thinking and thinking about the right thing/sensible thing/best thing to do. Eventually I get confused and lose track of what I am supposed to do.

    • Suzanne

      Thanks for such an honest and open reply. I always think when people are in relationships, there isn’t anything wrong with pushing each other to grow, change and be a better person, but they should still love them for who they fundamentally are.

      • Seshadri

        “but they should still love them for who they fundamentally are”
        unfortunately that did not happen in my case…I seriously wonder the past affair would even count as a relationship in true sense. Not allowing people to be the way they are and confining the other person so much within a zone which meets her EQ, never made any sense to me.

  • Jacky Cheng

    my achille’s heel would be my awesome ability to procrastinate. while i can focus on doing what i like, such as finish a book or a drawing, i’m always putting off research papers and homework assignments. it keeps me from showing my potential (at least i think there’s potential..?) through my work.

    i think knowing geography itself is insignifant; it’s about having insight and knowledge of what happens at a place and how it may impact someone and something. you certainly show a lot of insight, so i think you’ll be just fine 🙂

    • Suzanne

      There is always potential! Procrastination can get the better of many of us.

      Not sure if you know me well enough to say I’m insightful 🙂 But I would love to travel more and get to learn about places first hand.

      • Seshadri

        Travel would be be my first buddy. I simply love random drives, unplanned adventures and experiences. Germany, and some parts of South America and the African safari expedition are my day hoping to be able to undertake these ventures

      • Suzanne

        I’ve been to Scotland and that was awesome. Want to visit Greece, Rome, France, Hawaii and I would love to take a Mediterranean cruise.

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