Hello Neighbor, how are you?

Prompt: How do you get along with your neighbors?

There are the adults. I say “hello, how are you?” and they respond with a confused looked on their face and then sputter out a hello in response.

And then there are the kids. Fairly good kids, just doing what kids do. Which is run in packs up and down the stairway, on the sidewalk, leaving noise and scuff marks trailing behind. One even knocking on the door to ask for a slice of pizza.

And then there is the trash. The white trash bag that is ubiquitously outside the door across the hallway, and not just outside one door. The trash that also finds its way onto the stairway, like broken glass and tabasco sauce (maybe?) left for days.

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5 responses to “Hello Neighbor, how are you?

  • K

    Maybe the question would be more interesting if you also answered what you believe the neighbors think of you. Sounds like there are some starving kids where you live! Appropriate that it is a white trash bag, huh? When David and I came home one day, one of your “neighbors” actually made fun of me for being a Bucs fan. I believe that was the first time I had been heckled by a stranger in Florida for being a fan of the “home” team.

    • Suzanne

      I doubt they think about me at all. It is strange that one of them would actually say something to you about the Bucs, if it was the Lions I can understand 🙂 This is probably going to be a long, sad season for both teams.

  • webmistress

    I speak to mines on a “Hi & Bye” basis only, been where i`m staying a little over a year now and still dont know all my neighbors names. People can be weird so i keep my distance on not leting sillyness in my home, fast friends can become even faster enemies at times.

    Recentlly i’ve spoke to few infact just last night one stated he seeing me coming and going, but never knew my name. He introduced himself, I replied at this point he tried to continue conversation, but lets say i cut it short. Been having thought of throwing a party, my previous experiences with neighbors is hendered me from doing that.

    i`m just more confortable with people i`ve known for yrs

    • Suzanne

      Better then me, I don’t even know any of their names. Thinking back I remember only one neighbor that I had actually become friends with and trusted to feed my cats when I went out of town.

      • webmistress

        Totally understand yu there my friend, my moto is
        “the less the best” now dont get me wrong i`m a cool chick, have fun, love lol and hanging out, BUT only when i`m totally 100% comfortable with a person.

        besides so amny people ahve differnet personalities and interests its easy to either be offended by something or get offended by something.

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