Who doesn't want to be Vampire

Bram Stoker. Anne Rice. Charlaine Harris. Laurell K. Hamilton.

True Blood. Twilight. Vampire Diaries.

Nosferatu. Dracula. Lestat.



1. Black is still in fashion. Even if it wasn’t in fashion, who is going to tell a Vampire otherwise?

2. Flying! How awesome will I look flying through the air with my black cape.

3. Living Forever. To do all the things I want to do and be the person I want to be with no pressure that time and energy is running out. And also if I’m in my 20s or 30s.

4. Super Strong. Without looking like a female wrestler.


1. Losing my soul. I sorta like my soul. Maybe I can be like Angel and Spike and get to keep my soul.

2. I will miss garlic. Hell, I will miss food!

3. Living Forever. Would life be less meaningful with no death hovering over me? Would I only see death, death of all those around me, filling my vision? And also if I’m in my 60s or higher.

4. The Sun. Anything that turns you into ash has got to be bad. I’m not a morning person anyway.

Ah, for the love of the Vampire. If you were a vampire what would you find to be good or bad about it?

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