Thoughts on traveling and pictures from Colorado

How often are you able to travel past those invisible boundaries of your everyday life? A respite from the demands and responsibilities life places on your shoulders.

Why do you travel? To visit friends and family, to expose yourself to culture and the arts, to find adventure or maybe just to escape from the mundane.

What would others learn about you while traveling? Are you a talker, a sleeper, a reader. Do you listen to music, audio books or let the silence comfort you. Do you travel alone, with your partner, your friends, with hordes of people.

I travel every couple of years, when finances and time is on my side. I would love to travel much more often, but I accept and appreciate what I do get. I travel for so many reasons. Give me museums, concerts, plays, mountains, rafting. Indoor, outdoor, on land, in water (that’s what she said, I couldn’t resist). I like to travel with others, sometimes the more the merrier. I get motion sickness, so unfortunately not a reader and not a driver, which I have been spoiled enough on my trips to do at a minimum and I’m certainly a sleeper. Usually travel by car or plane, occupying the time with games, cards, music (sometimes in the car with the windows down and singing my heart out) and definitely accepting to end the pleasant silence with good conversations.

Traveling lets me reset. Traveling lets me stop the tedious day to day, to get away from work and even people. Gives me time to smell the trees, dance in the rain, curl up with a good book, eat ice cream for breakfast, make love all day. Gives me time to see things first hand: music, art, nature, culture, life.

Below are the pictures from my trip to a place with white water rafting, zoo on the side of the mountain, delicious donuts as reward on reaching the top of the mountain and a deceptive hike that lasted 2 hours.

P.S. Sorry it took so long to post pictures, but I was waiting on other pictures that were getting mailed to me, but they got sent to the wrong address and I still haven’t gotten them.


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