I'm back baby!

Vacation was wonderful, superb, glorious, refreshing, lovely, delightful, invigorating, relaxing, much needed.. do you get the picture?

Catching up on the blogoshere world was a bit intimidating though. To help myself I will make a blog to-do list for myself.

1. Catch up on over 100 entries on my blog reader.
2. Visit my “must read” bloggers on my blogroll and then some.

like Roger’s Place (if you haven’t kept to your guns about taking a reprieve from blogging)
and Jacky Rants Stuff (see if you found a way to post from China)
and Shouts from the Abyss (need to see how his gerbil is doing)
and Something New Please (because I’m addicted to your stories)
and Studio EightOneSix (because you are just cool)
and SwaggTalk100 (I never know what topic you will talk about next, but always fresh)
and Slam Dunks (you have such a great look on life, thank you for sharing)
and Fashion Nerdom (what cute outfit have you discovered since I have been gone)
and Consciousness (what beautiful catch and lovely words did you find)

and of course And Yes I said Yes I will Yes and Defiant (<3 you guys)
and poets Vagabond Lit and Sender Up Words (inspirational, keep it up)
and newcomers to my blogroll Temporary Sanity, I Want Ice Water, Live Life and Matt Dutiel
and finally to those bloggers who rarely post, but I still visit The Event Hill and Recession Grad

Shout out to you awesome bloggers! (Damn there is a lot of you, be patient with me)

Now where was I? Oh yea, my list.

3. Make a decent post. Post and pictures from my trip will be forthcoming soon. (Teaser picture from my trip below)

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35 responses to “I'm back baby!

  • Roger's Place

    Good for You!!!

    • Suzanne

      Thanks, it will take a while to get back into the swing of things.

      And… Ha! I knew you couldn’t quit blogging! Hope summer is still going well for you.

      • Roger's Place

        Yeah…everyone knows what I am going to do…except me. I very rarely know what I am going to do.

        Of course, I never know what you are going to do either.

  • IzaakMak

    Thanks for including me amongst such notable company! And don’t feel bad about falling behind. I haven’t gone anywhere and I still can’t keep up. πŸ˜€

  • LAC

    Love and hugs to you– Thank you!

  • webmistress

    Your the coolest, thats really nice to see that “SWAGGTALK100” made the cut of blogs you read and like, yours certainly is one we do admire as well. I am current on vacation also so we totally understand besides its summer…not to many people sitting infron of their pc’s unless their at work. So get back to your V.A.C.A.T.I.O.N
    Your blog is always fresh as well, you offer a diverse group of thoughts and idea’s to the mind.

    • Suzanne

      lol, so you are saying I have “swagg” too? Thanks, I like being in the fresh crowd.

      • webmistress

        lol yes you have flavor, swagg and that special something that makes you stand out from the crowd, Thanks again for the plug you will be in my upcoming update post… i’ve alreaded had you added to my blog surfer so i could keep up with yours now your on my blog swagg too. I added you just as your name appears in your wp domain, feel free to do us the same…its Swaggtalk100

      • Suzanne

        Thank you for thinking I have enough swagg to be on your blog! Your blog is already on my reader, but usually the blogs on my blogroll I visit directly.

      • webmistress

        The photo of the Ape giving somebody the banana is to damn funny lol, I’de give the finger too if they stared at me all damn day, kept me up with bright lights and only fed me old fruit.

      • Suzanne

        I used to hate the idea of zoos because of those reasons (and more) that you just mentioned, but my opinion has changed. Hmm… you have inspired me to make a future post.

      • webmistress

        Oh thats great to hear i certainly look forward to reading it, keep those blog post coming

        i’m a BIG fan of exotic animals

      • Suzanne

        I love your comments, they help motivate me to keep posting (but don’t set the bar too high!).

        I’m due a post, I know, but I was waiting on some pictures from my trip to get to me by mail and they haven’t arrived yet.

      • webmistress

        Well thank you, glad i`m able to do that…a few things i see online inspires me, a few of my relatives too plus my blog partner Swaggtalk100 omg this man triggers alot in me. No matter what you come up with you will always have some admirers.

  • slamdunk

    Welcome back and thanks for the plug.

    We just got back as well. I need a vacation to recover from the vacation.

    • Suzanne

      Oh yea, I took a few days off at the end of the vacation just to do nothing at all. Hope your vacation was as great as mine!

  • Jen

    Nice to hear that you had a great vacation! Welcome back!

  • Paul

    I’m glad you’re back from your “irritate gorillas” vacation!

  • lookitsbray

    Welcome Back!

  • Seshadri

    Just saw the tag “rarely posting” ..In a way yeah..have been ages since I updated my blog..My PhD writing itself is giving me loads to write about, so not having the energy to write again outside my academic sphere 😦

    keep blogging… πŸ™‚

    • Suzanne

      Understandable your PhD taking precedence over blogging. Good luck! And when you do post, I will visit.

      Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

  • Seshadri

    btw, I love the gorilla pic
    May sound a little offbeat, I would love to have a pet monkey πŸ™‚

    • Suzanne

      I think monkeys would need a lot of care and attention. I think I would feel like I do with my best friend’s dog, I love to see and be around him, just not all the time.

  • Seshadri

    Happy 4th July Suzanne πŸ™‚
    Any independence day specials?
    Glad to know you had a wonderful vacation and good to be back blogging πŸ™‚

    • Suzanne

      Thank you, hope yours was a good one! Did the grilling thing the day before since I worked on the 4th (paid time and a half, can’t pass that up).

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