Give me a V

Give me a A

Give me a C

Give me a A

Give me a T

Give me a I

Give me a O

Give me a N

Vacation! So, I will be MIA for a while.

Side Note: I saw a man walking down the street yesterday, he was a white guy with a beard and medium length hair. The interesting part was, he was garbed in white linens, had no shoes on (that I could see) and was carrying a white cloth satchel.


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5 responses to “V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N

  • slamdunk

    I hope you enjoy your time away. Not sure what to make of the guy walking down the street though. Hmmm…

  • annex50

    Cheerleading, at most, leads to a touchdown! 6 points, so diminished when the opponent scores 7 or more!

    Cheerleading, at its expectation, doesn’t count points but yet finds a direction to point quite hard… Yes, you’ve done well, Yes!

    Cheerleading, at least, inspires in a losing situation… Yes, you fulfilled a role, presented in a personable way, and left a gift so beneath the average interest.

    Yet my younger sibling
    unties the knot
    laughs the night away.

    Our kni,
    nite is too much.

    Hours as the sands
    flow is one
    miss after another.

    Should we
    back here,

    It would


  • annex50

    Sorry Suzy! WordPress sucks! My last response is not spaced the way I intended… I could not delete it and start again. So, if you can try to parse my intent, do so, If not, like I said, wordpress is limited beyond my own ability. How far has that flight sprung?

  • annex50

    Seriously, I need help. I remember posting this but did not realize how crappy it was DELETE lol

  • dedalus9

    hahahahahaha! leave it up! make it permanent!

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