Defining Moments in Life

1. When a man with a red nose and painted face becomes something out of a nightmare.

2. Eating dessert first because life is too short.

3. When you come to understand you parents don’t know everything and “because we said so” won’t cut it.

4. When you look young enough to be carded.

5. When you look old enough to no longer be carded.

6. Laughing at my your joke, discovering no one else is laughing, but not caring anyway.

7. When lyrics like “she wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts” on an album is somehow talented enough to win Album of the Year.

8. No longer having to go to a laundromat.

9. When someone asks you how old you are and you have to stop and think about it.

10. When you look forward to a quiet evening at home reading a good book.

11. Giving up on making new year’s resolution.

13. First speeding ticket. Promise to never speed again. Promise to think about never speeding again.

12. When being intelligent and unique becomes something coveted instead of something that is made fun of.

14. Being out of school long enough to miss it.

15. When you can laugh at yourself.

What were some of your defining moments in life?

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15 responses to “Defining Moments in Life

  • fashion_nerd

    Reading this post makes me feel both aged (but not old) and young at the same time. It makes me think about all of the boundaries and obstacles I have already over come, and all of the ones I have yet to hurdle. Sometimes I feel so completely stuck in between, between being young and being old, and I know that I can never go backwards… but sometimes I wonder if I even would. The mistakes I’ve made make me who I am.

    As always, love and respect your insight. Love the way you make me think about life, instead of just existing it.

    • Suzanne

      I have a lot of mistakes under my belt and some lay heavy upon my soul, but you are right that they help shape who we are.

      About going backwards… I know I wouldn’t want to go through the young, extremely shy and awkward stage again. Maybe shave off a few years, I would go for that!

  • Nikki Mantyla

    Nice post! I especially like #12. Once you really become who you want to be and are comfortable with it, it’s almost like you can be proud of your status as a “nerd.” I love my ridiculously large book collection, I love being a teacher, I love having my library card number memorized, I love taking my kids to the library. It’s all nerdy stuff, but it makes me happy.

    Another defining moment for me was buying my first pants suit. I never wear it, but buying it made me feel like a real grown-up, ready for big-time interviews and such. 😀

    • Suzanne

      When being called a “nerd” is endearing instead of hurtful is certainly a great defining moment. I also love my book collection, except when I move, which is why we hire movers now.

  • webmistress

    You’ve said a mouthful with this post, we all have many defining moments in life sometimes daily, for me a few would be

    1.) making a mistake, admitting to it and not being to proud to apologize

    2.) realizin that i`m not always right nor am I always wrong about things

    3.) Being able to get past a negative situatuion that has previously hendered me from a future possibility.

    4.) sticking to my word no matter how it makes me feel on the inside

    once I know that these were things I had to do for ME I know that my time had come and now i’ve mentally arrived.

    • Suzanne

      Those are excellent ones that everyone would benefit in doing. I especially like number 3. No matter how low/sad/disappointed/rejected I feel about life, I have discovered I can learn, grow and move on from it.

  • webmistress

    yeah that was suppose to be four (if you so kindly could edit that second 3 for me to a 4.) I would greatly appreciate it …moving on is good for the soul that is once and for all you muster the strength to do it.

    easier said than done

    • Suzanne

      Missed the numbering, but it is fixed now.

      Sometimes it is harder because you may need more time. Time to greive and/or heal, time to understand what happened, and time to let the experience strengthen you instead of crippling you.

  • webmistress

    Very true words indeed Suzanne, we experiences so many thing all affecting us individually on different levels for me moving on has to be one of my MOST defining moments.

    this posting and your blog are wonderful I shall return daily

    • Suzanne

      I’m glad you like it! You have so much going on at your blog! Ok, so I will admit that when I saw the hot women on top I had to pause wondering what kind of site I was on, but I enjoyed reading your posts, which is why I commented in the first place.

      • webmistress

        Well thanks and yeah guess the ladies in the header would’ve made anybody wonder what we have going on exactly, but glad you didn’t retreat and now that you found it to be in “good standing”, we’re glad you read it and commented…yours is a nice read as well. I love blogging not just to share my idea’s and thoughts, but to learn about other peoples too.

  • slamdunk

    Fun list. You made some great points. For me, it was the first real job after undergrad and moving to a different state. I looked around my new city and saw all new faces. Also, #8 applied which was nice.

    • Suzanne

      It was fun making it too! It is exciting and scary to be in a new city and starting over.

      I remember going to the laundromat all through college. I will never, ever go back to the laundromat!

  • Paul

    Two that occur to me right now. One, when I realized that the only reason I was living in Michigan is because my dad got a job there. Subsequently moved to California.

    Lately I’ve notice that I’m not so much afraid of death as I am curious. I’m worried about this though.

    P.S. I really like this blog of yours.

    • Suzanne

      California was always near the top the list of places I would live.

      I can say I have certainly thought about death and it has touched me personally. I haven’t started to worry about it, but maybe because I feel I still have time to do all the things I want to in life. Hmmm… I think I may write a post on it.

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