Dead Weather Concert

Dead Weather
House of Blues, Orlando
April, 26, 2010

First, let me give you a bit of background information. White Stripes was born in 1997 with songwriter/singer/guitarist Jack White and Meg White on drums. Meg started to learn to play drums the same year the band was formed. From the beginning Jack stated he and Meg were brother and sister, when in fact Meg White was his wife. Jack White took her surname when they married and they divorced in 2000. His reasoning for keeping his marriage a secret? Jack White: “When they’re brother and sister, you go, ‘Oh, that’s interesting.’ You care more about the music, not the relationship – whether they’re trying to save their relationship by being in a band.” Well, whatever was going on they made amazing music, a mix of punk, blues, rock. If you haven’t listened to them, you should. Their last album was in 2007.

Lets continue on. Raconteurs became a group after Jack White and his friend Brendan Benson got together and made some music. They are a four member rock band that is driven by Jack White’s music and Brendan Benson’s songwriting. They were the opening band for Bob Dylan on part of his tour in the US (I would have loved to see that). Raconteurs currently have two albums, but the future of the band is unknown as the band was a side project from the beginning.

Now on to Dead Weather. After doctor’s orders that Jack White needed to rest his vocals, Dead Weather was formed in 2009. With Alison Mosshart mostly on vocals, “Jackie White” (as he called himself at the concert) played on drums with an appearance on vocals and guitar. They currently have one album: Horehound, but a new album is expected within a few weeks.  Compared to White Stripes, the sound of Dead Weather seems rawer and darker, but still as experimental.

The opening band, The Ettes, were a good opening band. The lead singer has a strong accent, but I enjoyed their music. What I was really impressed by though, was the drummer. She was crazy, in a good way! I have a great video of her jamming and throwing her head up and down with the drum strikes, but unfortunately wordpress doesn’t allow the video format I have. I saw a youtube interview on “Poni” (drummer’s nickname) and she didn’t start playing drums until after they formed the band. She also said that she chose drums because she likes to hit things.

Dead Weather gave one of the best concerts I’ve been to. Some bands can’t cut it live and only sound good in the studio, but not Dead Weather. Their music comes alive and just seemed so natural and passionate.  Sorry I couldn’t upload my videos, but I did add a youtube video at the end.


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5 responses to “Dead Weather Concert

  • webmistress

    You are so right about bands not being able to cut it when the time comes to perform on stage in front of a live crowd vs studio time…many do only sound great in the studio which is why I stopped going to concerts. The Jay-Z was cool and my first in years, but still your right the studio must be their best time…because thats when they perform the best.

    love the photo gallery by the way

    • Suzanne

      Since I listen to a lot of Indie Rock the cost of tickets are not yet atrocious since they haven’t hit mainstream. So if a band doesn’t give an amazing concert, I don’t have to feel like I have wasted money.

      It was my first time seeing Jack White live and he is amazing. Unique voice, music and can play multiple instruments. Rolling Stones has him in the top 20 for greatest guitarist of all time. Damn, if I could only be half as talented!

  • Vagabond Lit

    Thank you for this!
    I love Jack White and wondered what he might be doing these days.
    Great write-up!

    • Suzanne

      Thanks! I became an even bigger fan of him after seeing him live. I will certainly follow him if or when he decides to start another band.

  • webmistress

    mos def will be attending more concerts soon though
    plays ands concerts rule, white stripes huh, my musical taste greatly varies which is always a good thing because musical interests should be many not few. They really put alot of effect into what they do, so we have to come out and show appreciation when we can.

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