What I have discovered about You because of Facebook

Facebook. A social networking giant that has transformed our way of socializing. Facebook has about 28 millions real active users and keeps growing. It lets us be as anonymous or interactive as we choose to be. We can be friends with our best friends, complete strangers and everyone in between.

I’ve read many pros and cons about facebook. Some Cons: the amount of time people spend on it that could be redirected to more “productive” things, posts that cross over to Too Much Information, pictures others post of you that you can’t delete ,only detag. Facebook has caused people to lose their jobs, add tension to a relationship and caused family strife. Also, facebook has been used as a means to vent out about others and even using it to breakup and divorce from their partners (shame on them!).

I deleted facebook once for personal reasons. I logged back on because I had pushed just about everyone away and I needed to reconnect with friends and acquaintances alike.

Now the biggest plus and purpose of facebook, of connecting people all over in one central network, made me wonder what I have discovered about YOU solely from facebook.


So here is a list of some of the facebook friends I have and what I have unearthed about them:

I chose people at random. I’m sharing with you only one or two small tidbits about each of these wonderful people. Some are great friends, some I barely know, but here, there are no distinctions. (Note: If you would like to be deleted from the post, send me a message, I won’t be offended.)


Adam: He loves pancakes. No, seriously. On facebook he is much more interactive, which is great because I get to have more of that humor and sarcasm.  “Sometimes, when I type out the “Oh, Christ” statement in text, I am using my last name. No one knows the difference, but I do.” -Adam. I’m a fan!

Linda: From facebook you can learn that she adores nature, tattoos and photography. These things I already know, but instead of using the phone we use facebook to check up on each other, make plans and send each other some love.  ❤ u!

Kevin: He is a fellow blogger and I will be so bold as to say I had some influence in that decision. Everyone has something special to share with others, even if they themselves don’t believe it to be true. Visit his blog.

Vikki: She is married with two beautiful kids. I’m not sure who found who on facebook, but I’m so glad it happened because I have truly missed our friendship. Hopefully soon we will be able to visit and catch up on 10 lost years.

Art: He loves to post his frustration and conquest on his journey to become an engineer. I couldn’t cut it and lost that battle, but I wish him luck! Also, he is a pretty good cook.

Janell: She is more Asian than I am! She eats more sushi and lived and worked in Korea (I’m so jealous, I haven’t even visited!). Going to another country alone for a year takes a lot of courage and she should be proud of herself! Good luck on your next adventure!

Ricky: When he gets insomnia he watches hulu, which seems like every night. I’m trying to convince him to start a movie/tv blog, how about it Tracy Morgan?

Lesley: Don’t talk to her about religion or politics, instead talk about anything vintage. Purses, pin-ups and classic movies turn her on!

Shawn: I’m pretty sure he likes baseball and he plays on a softball team that wins a lot (at least that is what he says). I see we have very similar tastes in music, which means that he has great taste in music.

Jen: She is still as awesome as she was in high school and now she is very blonde! Miss you girl! at least I get to see you through facebook.

Harold: He is a great artist! Ok, so I already knew this before facebook, but I get to see his stuff when he posts them. If I ever visit NY again, I will visit! See his art.

Shannon: She is bursting with love: love for her brother, love for her friends and love for her sock monkey. Where did Shazanne go? Or was it Suhannon? Miss you!


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4 responses to “What I have discovered about You because of Facebook

  • slamdunk

    I think I would be afraid of what I would learn if I did something similar with my Facebook friends.

    Anyone who is a fan of a sockmonkey though, is ok with me.

    • Suzanne

      Ah yes, I’m sure I could find some dirt if I was inclined to, but I wanted to show the good side of facebook. To be honest, I was a little anxious that someone would been offended, but the response from my facebook friends were very positive!

  • Beth

    Thanks for the shout out Suzanne. 😉
    That’s okay..I had one before that I loved!!

    • Suzanne

      Beth! Thank you for commenting, even though I’m not sure what you are talking about, haha. I’m so glad I know you and you are one of the reasons I like where I work.

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