Retail Witness [2]: First in Line

Retail allows me come into contact with many interesting people and sometimes these brief interactions stay with me. Here is one such moment. (more posts to come)

Don’t you hate it when someone cuts the line?

I stepped away from the register to put some things away. When I turned back around I noticed someone waiting to be rung up. I told the customer (a) I would be right there and walked over to the register. When I was about there, I noticed another customer (b) waiting at the counter at the next register over. Since I didn’t know who was first and customers like to walk in from the exit side (which happens all the time), I asked who was first in line.

The customer (b) at the counter said “I’m at the counter, why would you help the other person?”. Seriously?

I looked at customer (b) and said that since I didn’t know who was first, of course I asked. He grumpily said he knows why I asked and then continued on to tell me what he wanted.

(Side Note: I wasn’t standing as far away as possible from the customer because he was rude, but because he smelled quite badly.)

[1]: The Cookie

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