Should we be integrating technology and the classroom?

After reading an article about a professor who makes a point about his “no gadget” policy by submerging a laptop in liquid nitrogen, it made me wonder if he is right or wrong.  Should we allow teachers/students, or even supply teachers/students, with laptops, e-readers, smart boards, instant messanger?


  • integrate text, video, graphics, animation
  • able to easily incorporate the web for research purposes and give hands on use
  • help students keep pace with the technological world
  • students can have access outside of the classroom
  • getting assistance from teachers without having to meet face to face


  • time it takes to train teachers and students on how to use the hardware and software
  • cost of buying and then upgrading the hardware/software
  • security needed to insure against theft

What side are you on? Can we even stop our classrooms from merging with the techno-future world?

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2 responses to “Should we be integrating technology and the classroom?

  • dedalus9

    Damn the Luddites. Technology will save more time in the long run. Besides, the new generation is going to need to be tech-savvy if they want any hope of competing in tomorrow’s job market. To NOT use technology would be a disservice to the students. It’s one thing for a teacher not to allow cell phones or some other distraction in class but quite another to avoid technology all together. The prof in the video just seems like some crusty curmudgeon who was irritated, presumably, by the tapping sound of the keys or students playing WOW while in class.

  • Mel G.

    I like technology. It make every thing easier.

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