Love like the Ocean

It rained today, inside. I saw a rainbow in my eyes. it had streaks of red and blue, violet and black. The rainbow dripped from my eyes down my cheek, over my beating heart, to meet between my legs. visualize love. love that says please. love like the ocean. crashing, crashing on the shore, demanding attention.

Red lips. Blue blood. Violet chemistry. Fill up the body, fill up the soul. with a drop of darkness.


About Inner Love

I want: Passion. Desire. To create Cosmos. I want: Expression. Depth. Meaning. I want: Joy. Laughter. Love. I want: Life. View all posts by Inner Love

4 responses to “Love like the Ocean

  • slamdunk

    Thought-provoking verse–well done.

    I admire those (like you) who express themselves on issues like love so well. I try sometimes, but am never happy with the final product.

    • suzanneme

      Thank you for your comment.

      I always think there is something I should add/subtract on any given post, especially those on the personal side, but if I waited until I was happy with the final product, I wouldn’t have any posts!

      Oh, you should still try. Maybe you will never be happy with it, but maybe that isn’t the point.

  • bbrian017

    Yup I agree with slamdunk, that was really nice!

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