Retail Witness [1]: The Cookie

Retail allows me come into contact with many interesting people and sometimes these brief interactions stay with me. Here is one such moment. (more posts to come)

I helped a man. Actually I started to help him, but he seemed to want to talk a bit and after a few minutes he let me break the conversation so I could help another customer. By the time I returned he had left my area. About an hour later he came back to offer me half of his cookie, because in our first conversation he mentioned the nice aroma of baked cookies and I had agreed. After accepting the cookie, the man left again.

When I mentioned this short story to my coworker, she (humorously) responded by saying that she wipes the asses of customers all day long and gets nothing while I smile and have a 2 minute conversation with a customer and get a cookie. Getting the cookie was nice, but my coworker’s response made my day.


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