Jezebel, what is the meaning of thy name?

You aren’t given a choice about your name. You could be named after an ancestor, a famous person, a leader. Your name could be the most common name or be so original that it fits more in a fantasy novel then in real life.

There are two names that I have always been attracted to, possibly given to a daughter if I were to have one.  One of these names is Jezebel. Unfortunately, Jezebel is associated with evil, immortality and promiscuity.

In the bible she is a Phoenician princess who marries King Ahab and converts him from worshiping Yahweh to the Phoenician God, Baal. She is seen as a scheming, manipulative woman who did everything in her power to spread an evil religion. On the other side of the coin, there are those who see Jezebel as a strong, assertive woman who was murdered by religious fanatics.

Either way, this name carries so much baggage that it would undoubtably burden any woman bearing the name.


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