Update on my Lasik surgery

My right eye had the lasik and the surgery went smoothly resulting in 20/20 vision in that eye. There is a bit of redness but no pain or dryness and only one week of drops.

My left eye, however, had complications. Lasik involves a flap being made on the eye and the surgery is done underneath it, so when then the flap is replaced, it protects the eye from irritation and infection. In order to make the flap, a clamp must be put on the eye, under the lids, to hold the eye in place so the flap can be made. The doctor tried many times (about 10 times) to put the clamp on the eye. This hurts. I handled the clamp on the right eye and the pressure on it just fine, but he also got the clamp down right away. Repeatedly trying on the left eye irritated my eye and my lids, which is why my eye is now very red.

The doctor informed me that he could not get the clamp on because of the shape of my eye and that he could do another procedure (PRK) which does the surgery on the surface of the eye. I agreed to have that done. Enough of the clamp!

The actually procedure doesn’t take very long, about 5-10 minutes. I took about 1/2 hour because of the clamp issue. David was there to support me and drive me home. I asked him to take pictures, which he did at first, so it is my eye you see in the pictures. The surgery had taken twice as long and he could tell I was cold and a bit upset when I came out. The assistant gave us more medicine and an earlier appointment to come back.

The pain was already fading away but I did break down a little in the car. I did not know about the other procedure, so I let the doctor try that clamp over and over again when I wanted him to stop. It isn’t the doctor’s fault, if a person is at a breaking point then they need to say something to make it stop, which I did not.

My left eye hurt a lot the first two days. Doctor had to put a contact on the eye to protect the surgery, which I had taken out yesterday. I have several more weeks of medicine drops I have to put in my left eye to help with the healing. And in about 2 months the redness will go away and I will know what my corrected vision will be in the left eye.

I really appreciate everyone’s concerns. Many people wished me luck on my surgery and then gave their sympathies when I was in pain. A small comment, in person, on the phone, on facebook, even someone I don’t know on my blog, doesn’t seem like a lot, but each one warms my heart. Thank you!

And lastly, even though he knows, thank you D for convincing me to do something I have wanting to do for a very long time and then being there to help me deal with the pain.


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