The girl in the mirror stares me down
she tells me what to say
she shows me what to do
she knows how to be right
and still I come out wrong

I call for you without a sound
but if you can find a way
to reach me we will start anew
we will walk in the light
and be together where we belong


About Inner Love

I want: Passion. Desire. To create Cosmos. I want: Expression. Depth. Meaning. I want: Joy. Laughter. Love. I want: Life. View all posts by Inner Love

2 responses to “Mirror

  • bbyerly

    hey there, this poem is very inspirational, i would encourage you to write as much as you can…you should read some of mine too…bbyerly.wordpress.com 🙂

  • annex50

    Sometimes you just need to take a risk. If you’re so separated from your idealized self while in a bubble then break through. Nothing holds you back. Not money, opinions, or expectations.

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