Experience/Stressor Stress Unit Experience/Stressor Stress Unit
Death of spouse or child 100 Change to new kind of work 36
Divorce 73 Change in work duties 29
Separation 65 Trouble with in-laws 29
Jail term 63 An outstanding achievement 28
Death of close family member 63 Spouse starts or stops job 26
Getting married 50 Begin or end school 26
Being fired 47 Trouble with boss 23
Reconciliation in marriage 45 Change in work conditions 20
Retiring 45 Move to new residence 20
Getting pregnant 40 Changing schools 20
Sex problems 39 Changing social activities 18
New member in family 39 Vacation 13
Change in finances 38 Christmas holidays 12
Death of close friend 37 Minor law violation 11

Also, studies have revealed that stress can cause health problems.  If a person exceeds 200 stress units in a year, that person has a 50% chance of experiencing health problems, and when the number of stress units exceeds 300 in a year, the person has an 80% chance of experiencing health problems.

I remember college courses that used to stress me so much that I would be physically sick. They also caused me to have migraine, which I had never previously had. That should have been a big hint that I shouldn’t have been in that degree, but feeling obligated, I finished it out anyway. Stress puts a strain on life. Not all stress is bad though, otherwise we would all have problems all the time. Part of what makes us who we are and who we become as an individual is how we deal with the stress in our lives.


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