I saw a glimpse of an artist in me. Manifesting the images I see in my head into real form. That spark inside would come alive. Become a fire running rampant, beautiful in its glory. In the end I would be that devoted, consumed, passionate artist, and all else would be ash. When life is already blackened, an easy path to choose. But I shall gladly let life lead me away, my discarded paint brush burning behind.

Note: Maybe odd, but writing this post gave me some motivation to draw something. I do not plan to give up creating art, even as I believe becoming an artist is out of my grasp.


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I want: Passion. Desire. To create Cosmos. I want: Expression. Depth. Meaning. I want: Joy. Laughter. Love. I want: Life. View all posts by Inner Love

4 responses to “Obsession

  • Kevin

    Such a waste to create words of personal destruction but only you can dig further or out of it.

  • suzanneme

    I will always dabble in art, but for me to become a true artist, I believe I would need to be obsessed and dedicate my life to creating art. But to take that path would mean that everything else would fade into the background.

    Obsession can lead to destruction. I don’t need to dig myself out of anything. I would love to take art classes, have a studio, create art every week, be an artist. But why sacrifice to become an artist if I it leaves me unhappy.

  • annex50

    Well, this is your blog and you can and should take your position, but why do anything? Cooking, blogging, drawing, poetry, teaching, loving… none of these art forms require obsession. We all have a line we traverse upon. It doesn’t have to be a straight line. The choice is how much we coast, jostle, or break that line. Truth really is an external thing. It doesn’t reach you personally unless you grab it and let it rule you. You can be what you want. An artist doesn’t need truth.

  • suzanneme

    It depends on what I define as an “artist.” And what I am doing now with the occasional painting and drawing, does not make me an artist (cooking, blogging, loving, etc, I don’t see as artistic forms, but only things I enjoy and makes me happy). I know in my mind that I would need to be obsessed or come very close to it for me to achieve what I believe to become an artist. I will dabble as I have done and will continue to in the future because that is all I want to give myself to it currently.

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