I don’t collect things. I don’t like knick-knacks. What I do like are electronic gadgets: phone, computer, TV, CDs, sound system, camera, GPS, game console… you get the picture. While I don’t buy the most expensive high tech items, I don’t buy the cheap versions either and unfortunately these things can be quite expensive for someone with my salary. I thought about buying an iPhone, but then I would have to switch providers and my monthly payments would double. It’s funny, I helped two ladies at work with their iPhones. One lady already owned hers for a few years and the other lady just bought one. They wanted to access our wifi and download our app. I don’t even own one or ever used one before, but I helped them out and they ended up giving me a few dollars in tip. Instead of buying a iPhone, I am going to wait for the LG enV Touch to go on sale. I also upgraded my mini iPod to a 32 GB iTouch and I love it! It lets me have apps and wifi access without have monthly payments and I can sync it with my macbook for my music, iCalendar, address book and photos. It doesn’t hold all of my music (I have about 34 GB of music and that doesn’t include the audiobooks or tv shows), so I will have to remember to edit it so I add any new music I get.


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