Some Thoughts on Art

Art comes in all forms, ranging from the traditional like dance, painting, film, music, to the unorthodox like body piercing, video games, literary translation. I love Art and if I don’t, I try to at least appreciate it.

Wikipedia says it nicely that “the definition and evaluation of art has become especially problematic since the early 20th century.” Just about anything can be called art and it doesn’t require training or skill to make art nowadays. Art has been deconstructed to a point where a canvas covered in cobalt blue 58 (I just chose a random number) is called art. I understand the ideas behind it, but sometimes it goes too far. Some things I just do not call art.

I believe art requires skill and needs to move me emotional and/or intellectually.

Jackson Pollock is a famous artist. He splatters paint on canvas. I could get drunk with friends and get a large canvas that we could just start throwing paint around, and while it sounds like fun, I wouldn’t call it art. For him, I understand he was expressing himself and believed the painting has a life of it’s own that he was trying to let through. But when I see this type of painting, I lack any emotion or thoughts except a mild sense of distaste. I could give it more meaning, like maybe it represents how life is chaotic, but the thoughts would be forced. Maybe just feeling distaste is enough to call it art.

But, as the saying goes Art is in the eye of the beholder.


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