Football Season


I don’t know all the players. I don’t know all of the position names. I still get confused on some of the plays. I don’t play fantasy football, although I have tried it before. My favorite team is the Buccaneers, but I don’t know everyone on the team.

I watch football though. Not because I have to. Because I like to.

I was working a signing for Warrick Dunn and I complimented him on his performance on the previous game. We talked for a short bit and he asked me why I watched football. I told him I like how the team has to work together to win. I can follow along with what was going on in the plays and I like cheering for my teams. He said most women tell him that they like watching men in tight pants.

I grew up with three brothers and that may have something to do with it. All of them played sports. I even played baseball and soccer when I was very young, though I wasn’t very good.

I told my manager I have classes on Sunday and needed them off. She understood it was a joke and I was referring to football Sundays. Of course I can’t get every Sunday’s off, but it would be nice. While I will watch a game alone, it is a great time to bond with others. To eat, cheer, argue and be with friends.

I also watch the Gators. I went to UF and never attended a game, but I’ve watched many of them from the convenience of my home. There are very high expectations for them this year. They are trying to go down in history as one of the greatest college teams ever, shooting for their third national championship title in four years. I wish Coach Urban Meyer, Tim Tebow and the rest of the Gators luck and success in the coming year.

florida gators


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