Thoughts of Travel

I was thinking of planning a trip to Greece, but the money thing stopped that from happening any time soon, so then I thought about Washington D.C. because it is the capital and I love museums. While I still plan to visit both, I thought maybe I should look into someplace I could drive to. I’m currently looking at Key West. I went there once with my mother over 10 years ago. I remember the really, really long drive. Mapquest says it will take 7 hours, then add time to eat and stretch one’s legs, so a day to get there. I remember Sloppy Joe’s, Hemingway’s favorite bar. I remember snorkeling, I absolutely love to snorkel. I remember the vendors on the street. There is so much to do there: Snorkeling, Kayaking, Fishing, Parasailing, Museums, Shopping, Bars, Dry Tortugas Park, beaches, swimming with the dolphins.

I was thinking: one day driving there, one day snorkeling and bars, one day kayaking and museums, one day driving back.



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2 responses to “Thoughts of Travel

  • Sara

    Key West sounds awesome, I’ve been wanting to go down there for a while. One day we’ll go to the Greek Isles, when we all have the funds and the time off to go and enjoy ourselves. I’ve been really trying to do things that are closer to home. There are a lot of far away places I want to go, but there are also a lot of places in the US that I’ve never seen (or don’t remember). Key West, D.C., the Everglades, New Orleans, I would love to go river rafting throught the Grand Canyon, go to Napa Valley… wow, I have a lot of places on my to do list. Maybe we can go down to the Everglades this winter or next spring (the summer is just too hot for comfort).

  • suzanneme

    If I had the money I would be traveling all the time all over the world. But as it stands, instead of waiting every few years to take a big trip overseas somewhere, I thought about places closer to home I want to go to. Traveling in the US is cheaper, which means I can do it more often.

    River rafting through Grand Canyon sounds awesome! And of course you would want to go to Napa Valley Wine Country. I know I have been to the Everglades, but I don’t remember it. So many places we need to visit!

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