Age is More Than Just a Number

I am no longer a twenty-something. Over the last few years I’ve been bothered by the thought of getting older. And nowadays it is almost natural for a woman to be upset and take steps to slow the aging process down. For instance, my mother has always been a very attractive woman. She still gets hit on by men half her age. To keep her beauty intact, she has had surgery over the years. Only minor surgery though, to keep the natural drooping of the body at bay. My insecurities have led to thoughts about it, but never to actually do it. Add another twenty years and I may think differently, but for now, I have lost that trepidation of getting older. Also, the physical changes aren’t the only things that become effected when you age. Maybe it is a sign of maturity. Maybe it means I am finding what really is important in my life and striving to have those instead of the fleeting, wasteful things from my teens and twenties. I see that a few great friends I can count on and have a great time with or more worthy than having numerous friends. I see it is not necessary to drink or do drugs or party to fit in or have a good time. Videos games are fine in moderation, but i see they are mostly a waste of time. And even though I never did the dating thing like most people, I see that I’m not missing out when I have someone who can go the distance. Age is more than just a number, but being over ___ doesn’t mean life is all down hill. To think so is just idiotic.


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