The Road Diverges

night road

You don’t know what would have happened if you made different choices; if you said different words; if you walked a different path. Redoes only exist in movies. There really isn’t a second chance on anything. Be it that you may be able to continue on with something that you thought was over or lost, but it continues on. You can not retract what happened before that point. You must move ever forward.

While there are many moments that could have drastically changed our lives if things were different, it is good that we do not have “save” points in our lives to fall back on. Otherwise life would lose it’s luster, it’s glory.

Life is devastating. Life is brutal. Life is cruel. Life is painful. Life is messy. But.. Life is wondrous. Life is mysterious. Life is expression. Life is delightful. Life is beautiful.

Life is.

The road diverges… again and again.


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2 responses to “The Road Diverges

  • Jessica

    I completely agree. The mystery is the intrigue. It’s what keeps you going.

  • Robin

    Life is the gift of having the freedom to make choices. Even if you were blind, mute, cripple, and you were left to live the rest of your days in your sub conscious you would still have free will. At least of all my dreams I have a subtle memory of such. When that singular ability fails me and I am nothing more than a spectator with no hope of effecting change in my environment, then I will know death. I personally do not think it is life that is cold and cruel, I think that I am just fallible, which gives me comfort. When I have already learned every lesson to be taught by the pain and sorrow that I am so familiar with, and I become omniscient the sapidity of life will sour and I will starve for lack of appetite.

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