To My Friend

Thank you

How can I describe what this year has been like for me; crippling, punishing, excruciating, revolutionary? I would have made it, but it would have been so much harder to survive without you. I could name only a few people who I could count on for anything. I didn’t come to you every time I broke down. I didn’t tell you everything. But when I did reach out, you were always there. 

You listened. You couldn’t take away my pain, but you gave me strength so I could carry it. You never pushed to know. You never pointed out my flaws or mistakes. You never told me what I should have or should be doing. 

You never judged me. You have no idea how much I appreciated that. You told me that the only thing you wanted was for me to be happy. Even if that meant I moved far away. Even if that meant I was with someone else.  

You gave me a home when I lost mine. I was so completely alone and lost, but you were a solid presence that loved me.

Thank you. I love you.


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One response to “To My Friend

  • Sara

    Thank you. You never know how you’ll react when something happens. I wished I had better advice to give and knew the right things to say to offer comfort. I didn’t want to pretend like I knew the whole story, or jump to conclusions, or place blame. When I saw you in so much pain I couldn’t help but feel it with you. My heart was broken for you. There are certain times when you realize how much someone means to you, and you mean a lot to me. Good friends are hard to come by and I definitely cherish our friendship. You’re never alone and always loved.

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