Mini Vacation

I worked 9 days in a row so I could have 4 days off in a row. A mini vacation for David and I. A needed time together to get to know each other after our time apart. An extremely difficult time apart. On the vacation there were moments that my emotions got the better of me, both happy and sad, falling and flying.

Friday we started by visiting one last apartment and then making a decision on where we were going to live over lunch. Then we drove over to Titusville and had dinner at a local pizza joint, which was excellent. The evening was spent on a bioluminescence kayak tour on Mosquito Lagoon.  

The kayak trip was more than amazing. We saw manatees playing in the waters. At night the water lights up with Bioluminescence, where light is produced naturally from living organisms such as jellyfish, and bacteria. Any movement against the water causes the water to glow. We saw schools of mullets dash and jump all around us and they leave streaks in the water as they move. I took some pictures with a disposable camera incase it got wet and ruined. Hoping they develop and I can post them. 

Saturday we spent the day at Kennedy Space Station. See my earlier post for details and pictures. 

Sunday, we hung out with Sara and Christos.  We watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and tried out Tijuana Flats for the first time. The cashier has to repeat my order 5 times before she could get it right, but the tacos was great. 

Monday was a lazy day. We visited a few furniture consignment shops, had lunch at Olive Garden and did a wee bit of shopping at Game Stop and Best Buy. He bought Final Fantasy XII and I bought the complete collection of Cowboy Bebop.


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