I have enjoyed many slices of pizza from many different places. I’ve eaten from the major pizza joints like Papa John’s, Hungry Howies, Cici’s, Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Gumby’s, Little Caesars. I have also had the pleasure of eating pizza from places like Leonardo’s, Mancino’s, Valdiano, Satchel’s, Bob’s Your Uncle, Mellow Mushroom.

Of the large chain restaurants, I prefer not to eat at Papa John’s, Domino’s and Gumby’s. The other large chain places I like for different reasons. I like the cajun crust on the Hungry Howies pizza. I like the greasy pan pizza from Pizza Hut. Little Caesars has cheap pizza and great crazy bread. I grew up eating at Little Caesars, where you used to able to buy one pizza and get one free (Pizza!Pizza!). 

The local pizza joints and smaller chains tend to have better pizza though. Some of them, like Satchel’s and Leonardo’s also have excellent salads. I used to live in Gainesville, and it being a college town, of course was loaded with pizza places. You could eat pizza from a different place everyday for two weeks. While I love pizza, I wouldn’t recommend doing that. I would recommend Satchel’s and Mellow Mushroom though. Bob’s Your Uncle had a great feta and portobello mushroom pizza, but it was in Iowa City, IA, where I lived for a few years. 

If you know of a great pizza place in the Tampa, St. Pete, Lakeland area, let me know!


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4 responses to “Pizza

  • Sara

    Okay, I admit that I have had pizza twice in the past week (with the help of lactaid to digest the cheese). 🙂 We went to Ciao Bella on Friday (.. or Saturday, can’t remember). The pizza tastes really fresh and the atmosphere is relaxing. It’s a nice place. Oh, and the calzones are awesome too! Tonight we ordered from Papa Johns because I’d been working all day and was starving. I don’t usually get Papa Johns because they are expensive, but they had a good deal. Out of the chains I think Pizza Hut is the best, I love their thin and crispy crust vegi pizza.

  • annex50

    Mario’s Pizza in Clearwater is really good. It is NY style pizza. I went there with Natalie a few times and we loved it. It is in the old Clearwater mall area shopping center.

    Mario’s Pizza
    2679 Gulf to Bay Blvd
    Clearwater, FL 33759

  • Christin

    Well, I don’t know of many good places around here… but only because I’m spoiled by a pizzeria in Orlando. Seriously… best pizza ever – even in comparison to the best NY pizzas. It’s called Giovannis and I suggest you try a pie! 🙂

  • suzanneme

    Thanks, I will have to try them all out when I’m in those areas.

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